“The fishing definition of insanity, besides fishing itself, is doing the same thing again and again. And not catching anything.” CB

 The lake is slowly changing into a fall pattern, and with cooler air temperatures the water temperatures will continue to drop; 75+/-. Water color is clear, which I like.

The white bass pattern remains the same, points and humps in early morning or late in the day. The crappie bite continues to be hit or miss. Good luck with larger black bass, but the smaller fish are plentiful. Throw what’s in the tackle box.

Now is the time to try things you wouldn’t normally throw, in areas you have not fished. You never know, one of those spots and/or presentations may be a goldmine.

Years ago I was fortunate to spend some time with Buck Perry and Bobby Murray who won the first Bassmaster Classic (and another in 1978).

Bobby told me there are only three actions of any bait you throw. Up and down, side to side, stop and go. You can fish them in combination depending on water conditions, but there are only three. Think about it. Buck said “Remember 10 percent of the water holds 90 percent of the fish’’.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the annual Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp which took place at Dry Gulch in Pryor on Lake Hudson.

This event brings burned children together for fellowship and camaraderie, and local anglers donate a Saturday morning taking the youngsters and their counselors fishing.

I always look forward to the experience. My fishing partner was David McKinney III from Idabel, Oklahoma, and we had a blast.

Until next time…keep your hook in the water

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