For many, the annual Cruise Night in Jay, becomes a holiday of sorts. 

It's that case for a Colcord family. Each year, family members mark the date on their calendar as a must-attend event. 

“We been coming for 10 or 11 years now,” said Owen Ellis of himself, his wife Teresa and son Jake.

Owen and Teresa Ellis own a 1966 blue Ford Mustang, while their son Jake has a 1967 Gold Ford Mustang.

"We have had old blue here for 10 years and I have had mine for seven years," Jake Ellis said. "I got it on my 21st birthday."

Sister-in-law Linda King, often joins the family at the show with her 1973 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon.  

While the Jay Cruise Night is not the only event the family showcases their vehicles, it's one of the favorites.  

“It is a really good car show,” said Owen Ellis. “We have a lot of fun.”

For now, the family's collection of cars is complete. Although Jake Ellis admits, once the first car is purchased, others follow.

“These seem to be full time job to keep them detailed and maintained,” said Owen Ellis.

Owning the cars have became a hobby for the family. Some restoration was needed on their vehicles, but for the most part, they simply keep them looking their best. 

“The blue car we painted it. But gold mustang pretty is the way we bought it,” said Jake Ellis. “It takes a lot of time to keep them running properly.”

The family limits driving the cars to special occasions. 

“The only time we really drive them is to car shows and to go cruising,” said Jake Ellis said. 

King agreed.

"We used to take ours out more because we had more family members involved in going to shows. But a lot of them have gotten out of it we don’t go that often," King said. "But we make sure we come to this one every year.

“Sometime though we just take it out and drive around in it just for the fun of it.”