The Delaware County Commissioners discussed on Monday, Aug. 7 the time and attendance work rules for Delaware County employees.

“We are trying to get all the departments on the same page when it comes to following the same policy pertaining to payroll,” said Doug Smith, (District 1) commission chairman after the meeting.

There was no action required during the meeting as commissioners were discussing the issue, he said.

In financial matters the commissioners approved an invoice from the State Auditor and Inspector office for $330.

The commissioners also approved transferring $4,800 from the Monkey Island Fire Department capital outlay account to the maintenance and operations account and transferring $350 from the county’s capital outlay account to the maintenance and operations account.

An error correction transfer of $9,013.42 from the Sheriff’s Detention Cash fund to the service fee fund account was also approved,

Also approved:

A $20 bid by Joe Howard for property in the Flint Ridge RV Park – 2. Unencumbered balances as of June 30 to be resent into the fiscal year 2017-18 budget. To advertise for sealed bids on a used fire truck for Flint Ridge Fire Department and a used fire boat for the Cleora Fire Department. A corrected detention services agreement between ROCMND Area Youth Services.

July 31 meeting

In the July 31 meeting, the commissioners learned health care costs for Delaware County employees are increasing this year even though around 70 percent of employees do not reach their deductible threshold.

The out-of-pocket expense jumped from $3,000 to $6,000 for an individual and up to $12,000 for a family, said Vicki Cossairt, Delaware County Human Resources Director. The rising costs are associated with people retiring early that are not eligible for Medicare, she said.

Out-of- pocket expenses are for a catastrophic event, Smith said during the meeting. 

Cossairt addressed the commissioners during the meeting saying the deductible also increased to $1,750, over the previous $1,500 deductible.

“This is offset by the $1,000 health benefit we offer employees,” Cossairt said.

Cossairt also asked the commissioners to approve a salvia-based drug testing method as part of the pre-employment application process.

“It is a new technology using a swab and we get the results back in two days,” Cossairt said.

The cost is $35, where a urine sample test runs $45, she said.

Three employees in the county clerk’s office would be trained at $100 each to perform the tests, Cossairt said.

The test is not Department of Transportation compliant, she said.

In financial business, the commissioners approved several items, including a $40 bid from Raymond Bibler for property in the Flint Ridge Subdivision, and a $1,582.87 invoice by the state’s Office of Juvenile Affairs,

Other financial transactions were to transfer $20,000 from the Eucha Fire Department Capital Outlay account to its Maintenance and Operations account and approve two blanket purchase orders for $8,500 each to Emergency Apparatus Maintenance for emergency repairs and for pump testing on two fire engines.

Other blanket purchase orders approved were for $14,999 for parts and service to Cabin Diesel Service for a dump truck and $12,000 to J.A. Riggs Tractor Co. for backhoe repairs. Both were for equipment in District No. 3.

Also approved was to transfer $60,209 from a Cherokee Nation account back to a county account.

The commissioners also approved an Oklahoma Department of Transportation form for the Wolf Creek and Whitewater Bridge projects.

Smith said the forms allow for money to be reimbursed that was up-fronted - $88,441 for engineering services for repairing Whitewater Bridge and $109,400 for relocating utilities for the Wolf Creek project.

Also approved was a grant application from the District Attorney’s Council to fund an investigator for two years for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Harlan Moore said the grant amount is around $90,000, which includes salary and benefits.

The commissioners also approved:

To receive and file Oklahoma Department of Transportation documents for an application for a low interest loan to purchase three pieces of equipment. A Detention System Agreement with the Craig County Board of Commissioners. A Borrow Permit Agreement with Mickey Capps for obtaining materials to be used for county road maintenance in District No. 3. An Interlocal Agreement between the city of Jay and District No. 2 for street improvements on Hodges Lane and 8th Street.