Five ways to have fun this weekend.

1. In theaters this weekend is the film “The Dark Tower” rated PG-13 and based on the popular sci-fi western series by Stephen King starring as a mysterious gunslinger (Idris Elba) on a quest to save the universe from the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey); the period crime drama “Detroit” (rated R) by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow about the murder of three young African American at the Algiers Motel during the 1967 Detroit rebellion; and “Kidnap” an R-rated thriller about a mother (Halle Berry) trying to save her kidnapped son.

2. Cheers! Friday is International Beer Day, and you can celebrate the day by heading to your favorite pub or by buying your favorite brew. You also could have a beer tasting party and use shot glasses to let guests sample a wide variety of beers.

3. The first week of August is Simplify Your Life Week and as it comes to a close try clearing the clutter from your mind and home. First download a meditation or mindfulness app to get you in the right mindset. Then go room-by-room with your favorite decluttering style whether it be much lauded KonMari Method or just simply sorting items into three big boxes — keep, throw away and donate.

4. In sports, this weekend we again have Major League Baseball, NASCAR and Major League Soccer, so you’ll have plenty to watch on TV. Check the newspaper or online for schedules.

5. Sunday is National Kids’ Day, a day created by KidsPeace to “encourage adults to spend more meaningful time with their children.” Celebrate the day by taking your children to the park, to get ice cream, to a movie or whatever you and your kids like to do.