“Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple. Pick out the best parts.” - Christian Fischer

We’ve finally had some cooler weather and rain which has improved the fishing. We saw a drop in water temperature into the mid to lower 80s in some areas, and the lake level remains around 744 ft.

Our trips this week were mixed but we had success with both white and black bass on Grand and Lake Hudson. We occasionally travel south to Lake Hudson get away from the summer boat traffic on Grand Lake. Give it a try.

The white bass will school and feed on the surface in a heartbeat at any time. Regardless of the boat you’re in I recommend keeping a rod on board rigged up with a Pop’R or a Gay Blade. When you see the water begin to boil toss out and hang on. It’s really that easy.

We also had some excellent black bass trips with fish in the 6 lb range using white spinner baits on wood lay downs in 8-10 ft.

Shade is an important factor. I’m also beginning to see crappie schooling around docks in 15-20 ft on sonar, but we didn’t get a chance to try to get them to bite.

Blue and channel catfish are still being caught on shad and other cut bait around 20 ft on the flats.

Until next time…keep your hook in the water

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