Little Debbie's and bottles of water may seem small, but thanks to two Grove students, they may bring a large amount of cheer for sailors far from U.S. shores.

In the last week, Melinda and Rylee Dysart of Grove, hosted a Little Debbie stand in their front yard, in order to raise funds to send members of the USS Nimitz' crew a care package.

For two days, the 7- and 9-year-old, sold Little Debbie cakes for 50 cents, bottles of water for $1 and a combination of the two for $1.25.

"Momma came up with the idea," Melinda Dysart said with a grin, as she listened to her mother explain the project, which came after Heather Dysart saw a post by a high school classmate.

In her post, Meagan Morrison, a 2006 graduate of Gravette High School, Gravette, Arkansas, and an alum of Missouri Southern State University, in Joplin, Missouri, talked about the 25 sailors serving with her on the USS Nimitz within the ship's communications division.

Deployed at the end of May for a six month mission, the USS Nimitz recently arrived in the Persian Gulf, where the heat index has reached 140 degrees and higher.

In her message, Morrison asked friends and family members to consider sending care packages to those within her department.

"With every degree the temperature goes up, morale gets knocked down a level," Morrison said. "I've got 25 Sailors who work for/with me. They're hot, sweaty, tired, and missing their families."

For Dysart, the request provided her with a teachable moment for Melinda and RyLee.

"It seemed like the right thing to do," Dysart said. "I wanted to teach the kids a little bit about military respect, and to be giving - and not expect everything to be given to them."

Dysart said Melinda and RyLee have "big hearts" and she always looks for ways to encourage them to give to others.

So the pair, along with some help from their cousin Lexie Dye, 7, of Vaughn, Arkansas, setup the stand and sold treats to friends, family and neighbors.

"We wanted them to get some stuff that they can use on the Navy [ship]," Melinda said. "It makes me feel happy, because we are caring for other people."

Her brother agreed, adding he likes to help people - even his mom and dad with chores. 

"I get bored just being on the iPad and watching TV shows," RyLee said. "This just makes me happy."

During the sale, their grandmother, "Grammy" Vivian Dye also lent a hand. She said several people stopped just to tell the two students thank you for supporting members of the armed forces.

The pair plan to host another sale on Wednesday, Aug. 2, near their home at Fourth and Elk in Grove. Later this week, they plan to purchase additional items and send the care packages to Morrison.

"If you help somebody, then they will be nice and caring," Melinda said. "It just feels nice to help."

Want to learn more about life aboard the USS Nimitz, follow the deployment at:

Want to help? 

Want to help? Meagan Morrison is asking for "non-meltable" snacks and treats.

Many of the items are things the sailors cannot get on the ship, or are often in limited supply, including:

-Hand Written Letters

-Beef Jerky

-Tuna packets


-Diaper wipes



-Black boot socks

-Candy (Any type. They LOVE candy!)


-Hair ties/Bobby Pins


"More than anything, they would love your support," Morrison said. 

Items may be sent Morrison for distribution at: Ensign Meagan Morrison, USS Nimitz (CVN 68), Unit 100103 Box 201, FPO AP 96620