A final decision regarding a decades-old structure in Grove will come to a head this week, as members of the Grove City Council meet on Tuesday, Aug. 1.

During the meeting, set for 6 p.m., at the Grove Community Center, council members will conduct a final public hearing regarding the structure, near the corner of Main and O’Daniel, which formerly housed the Village Barn antique store and the Brush & Pallette Club.

In information released prior to Tuesday’s meeting, Grove Assistant City Manager Debbie Bottoroff said the staff recommends members of the Brush and Pallette Club work in tandem with Village Barn owner Richard Schriber to “remove the structure and debris; fill and level the ground” so that it may be mowed no later than Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Bottoroff’s memo to the council, recommending the action, said failure to comply by either the club or Schriber, would result in the city’s contractor “commencing demolition of the structure on Aug. 16,” and a lien being filed against the property for the actual costs plus a $225 administrative fee.

In April, the council declared the property in “disrepair, dilapidated” and “a hazard to health, safety and welfare of the general public.”

Council members, following the recommendation of city staff, declared the property unrepairable and issued administrative orders beginning the condemnation process.

In June, the council issued an amended administrative order, requiring the structure be demolished by July 31. As of Monday, July 31, the structure remains standing.

Council members will also discuss the status of the property located at 131 South Cherokee Street, owned by Valerie Vitro.

In April, council members determined Vitro’s wooden outbuildings were in need of demolishing, because of its “disrepair, dilapidated” state.

An amended administrative order was issued on June 20, requiring the structure taken down by July 21.

Bottoroff’s memo, if approved by the council, would require Vitro to remove the wooden structure - and secure the metal outbuilding by Aug. 15, or a city contractor would begin the process on Aug. 16, with a lien for costs plus $225 administration fee placed upon the property.