MIAMI – The Miami Police Department made three arrests on Monday, July 24, at the city owned and operated I-44 Oklahoma Welcome Center at 20 South Eight Tribe Trail in Miami.

Just before noon on July 24, MPD officer Ronnie Cravens responded to a call about suspicious activity at the Oklahoma Travel Center Gift Shop.

According to Craven's report, the call concerned a male and female in the men's restroom together at the Welcome Center possibly doing drugs and asking people for money outside the business.

While enroute he received descriptions of the suspects and said upon arrival, he noticed two subjects matching that description walking toward the Oklahoma Welcome Center Gift Shop.

The male suspect, who was later identified as Anthony L. Sanchez, 24, of Chicago, Illinois, was followed by Cravens as he entered the men's restroom and approached Sanchez after he exited an end stall.

Cravens explained he had been called due to suspicious activity in the restroom and asking people for money outside. When Sanchez was asked if he was with the female sitting outside the restroom, he confirmed to Cravens that he was and identified her as his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gross.

Sanchez confirmed Gross had been in the men's bathroom earlier, claiming she had come in to retrieve a feminine hygiene product from his travel bag. He denied the two had been using any drug in the restroom.

Gross, 27, is also listed as a Chicago resident in the arrest report.

Cravens relays in his report  he next made contact with Gross at an outside table after exiting the bathroom with Sanchez and that Sanchez's demeanor was suspicious.

"I noticed Sanchez acting nervous, not being able to sit still and asking me if he was in trouble," Cravens outlines in his report.

At that point, Cravens said Sanchez told him he had used heroin a few days ago but hadn't since before telling the officer that he was in possession of a baggie with several syringes inside of his travel bag.

Cravens asked for consent to search the bag, which Sanchez provided.

"Sanchez then reached inside his traveling bag and pulled out several syringes, a silver spoon, which field tested positive for heroin," reads the report.

Sanchez told Cravens all the spoons and syringes belonged to him.

"I then advised Sanchez he was being placed under arrest for the charges of CDS and the charge of possession of paraphernalia," Cravens said in his report. "Officer Danny Morris transported Sanchez to the Ottawa County Jail for processing."

The report then states that Gross told Cravens she was in possession of 40 Ecstasy tablets that were with her things inside of her friend truck, who was later identified as Jacqueline M. Janca, 38, of Delavan, Wisconsin.

Both Gross and Janca then signed an MPD Wavier Of Rights Form giving consent for Janca's vehicle to be searched.

Cravens report states that Detective Mark Byfield then located 30 Ecstasy tablets, 10 each in separate small plastic baggies inside an empty Newport cigarette pack.

Gross claimed the items as hers.

The report then states that Janca, sitting on the driver's side of her vehicle, was approached by Officer Danny Morris who advised her he could smell marijuana coming from inside her truck.

Janca told Morris she had marijuana inside and directed him where to find it. Morris retrieved the marijuana and a glass pipe with burnt residue.

Gross and Janca were both placed under arrest and transported to the Ottawa County Jail for booking.

"This is an unusual event for Miami. We do not normally see this type of drug in our community. These individuals were driving through the area on the turnpike and stopped at the travel center. We are grateful to our staff at the travel center who recognized the suspicious behavior and called to report it," said MPD Police Chief Thomas "HT" Anderson. "Officer Cravens then followed up with his investigation and was able to make the arrest. This is a good example of the team effort it takes to fight crime in our community."