A Washington man charged with first-degree rape of a 16-year-old Delaware County woman failed to appear at a court hearing on Monday, July 24, prompting a bench warrant to be issued under advisement.

Delaware County District Judge Robert Haney ordered Austin Michael DeLoach, 26 of Beaux Arts, Washington to return to court on Friday, Aug. 4.

“We believe it is a matter of travel distance,” said Prosecutor Nick Lelecas on Thursday.

Court records show DeLoach failed to show up for a previous hearing in January but did make phone contact with the court and was ordered to return to Oklahoma on July 24.

Lelecas said the man was not on run and said the travel distance was the reason behind him failing to be at the hearing.


DeLoach left the state after being released on a personal recognizance bond and an ankle monitor in 2016, over the state’s objection.

The teen was at a party July 2, 2015 when DeLoach texted her and ask if she would come outside to his vehicle where the two left the party.

The victim told authorities DeLoach strangled and raped her, before taking her back to the party where he dropped her off in the road next to the house, according to the probable cause affidavit. She also produced cell phone photographs to investigators to back up her story.

DeLoach confessed to authorities he knew about the party, picked the girl up, and took her to his family’s home where they “sat and talked for approximately 30 minutes,” before taking her back to the party, according to the affidavit.

If convicted, he could face death, or imprisonment in the Department of Corrections of not less than five years.