At about the size of a human hand, he has a black-and-white ringed tail and the energy of a toddler.

Omar, a baby lemur, is one of approximately 30 animals for Oasis Animal Adventures at the Oasis Event Barn at the Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, 36656 South 510 Road, Eucha.

Linda Goldner and Bill Goldner, owners of the nonprofit amphitheater, began the Oasis Animals animal therapy program in 2012.

The program now features nine miniature horses, three miniature donkeys, two African sulcata tortoises, two red kangaroos, two full-size horses, a zebra, lemur, camel, box turtle, an Indian blue peacock, and an assortment of chickens and white pigeons.

“There’s just something about animals,” Goldner said. “Animals are the gateway to the heart.”

More than 60 clients visit Oasis Animal Adventures every week to mingle with the various animals.

Goldner and her team of volunteers, many of whom also volunteer at the amphitheater, host four one-hour classes each Tuesday.

Officials from the Delaware County Friendship Home in Jay bring a group at about noon, followed by the Oklahoma Adult and Teen Challenge girls, then the Teen Challenge boys, and finally Grand Lake Mental Health Center clients.

The clients from each group interact with the animals differently.

The Friendship Home clients brush miniature horses, lead them around the amphitheater and pet other animals, while the Teen Challenge clients are more involved with training the animals that make appearances in the live shows every summer at the amphitheater.

Proceeds from the shows fund scholarships for clients of the animal therapy program and provide for the care of the animals.

The animals are available in a petting zoo from 6:30 to 8 p.m. before amphitheater shows on Friday and Saturday evenings through Aug. 5. Groups may also visit the animals through reserved sessions and educational programs.

Goldner was not necessarily planning on having exotic animals, but she has found she cannot say no to the breeder she gets most of her exotic animals from, Rowdy Malchow at Windsong Ranch in Adair.

Goldner said she is happy with the animals she has now, but would kind of like to have a sloth someday.

“Oh, or I could get a baby buffalo,” Goldner said.

For more information on the Oasis Animal Adventure programs, persons interested may go online to or call 918-435-8207.