“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing rods.” - Doug Larson

The air is hot, the water is “bath” warm (88+ degrees) , no rain, and the fishing quite honestly is slow. The anticipated cooler temperatures this weekend may make it a bit easier on the fisherman, but it will take awhile for conditions to improve. Typical summer on Grand Lake.

Catfish continue to be caught on shad and other cut bait mid lake. Due to air and water temperatures I’ve modified presentations and went to a fly rod to see what I could catch.

Lots of perch and an occasional black bass, but there’s a tug on your line, which beats just throwing it out and reeling it back. You might want to give it a try.

Last weekend's Great Grand Lake Bobber Drop was a huge success. I was out with Grove Sun editor Kaylea Hutson-Miller on Saturday to witness the event first hand and retrieved two bobbers, one of which hit me in the head before falling into the boat. Don’t know if it was a prize winner but we had a good time.

Next Saturday is the annual Oklahoma Fire Fighters Burn Camp fishing event on Lake Hudson. The event is held annually at Dry Gulch to bring burned children together for fellowship and fun. For more information on the event www.okffburncamp.org I’ll share my experience this year in future reports.

Until next time…keep your hook, or arrow in the water

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