Coming home to Colcord High School has a twofold effect for Jarrod Earp.

He walks into a huge shadow left by his dad and he gets to coach his son, who is a senior.

"It feels good to come back home," said Earp, the 1993 graduate of CHS. "I am enjoying every second of it."

Earp follows his father, who was a legendary coach at the school. 

"It is a big honor to have his name on the floor here and now being able to coach here," Earp added.

Earp's father, Bill, was a coach and teacher at Colcord for 55 years, who died in July 2015 just five months after the floor in Hornet Arena was graced with his name.

Earp coached for 16 years at Moseley before making the move to Colcord during the 2016-17 school year.

Initially, there wasn't a spot for him to coach, but things changed for the upcoming school year after a vacancy opened.  

"It feels good to be back out there. [The year off] has given me a chance to recharge my batteries so to speak," Earp said. "I have loved every moment of this summer coaching again. I think it is going to be awesome."

Earp said he is humbled to follow in his father's footsteps. 

"It is an honor to be his son and to be back here at home where he coached for so many years and to build on what he was such a big part of for so long," Earp said. "I kind of grew with that and lived with it my whole life. I am proud of back on the the floor that has his name on it."

This year, Earp will coach his son, Spencer. It's an opportunity Earp is looking forward to this year.

"It has it's ups and downs," Earp said. "He gets to hear it here and again when we go home. He gets a double dose of it. But it has been good so far.

"But I know how that is because I grew up with my dad coaching me. Get to hear it in practice and in the game then again when you are home.

"It is just part of it. It is how I grew up and now I am on the other end with me coaching my son."

Earp said having a dad as his coach, has impacted his coaching career. 

"You see a different side of things," Earp said. "It has made me a better coach."

At Moseley, Earp saw two state championships in football, two state runner-ups in football and one state runner-up with the girls basketball team.

He had one other boys team make it to the state tournament and four with the girls basketball team.

"We had a pretty good run while I was there," Earp said. "I was blessed with a lot of good kids that played for me."

Earp believes he is coming back at a good time because of his coaching team.

"When they asked me to be an assistant for John Sheehy with the boys basketball team, I jumped at the thought of being his assistant," Earp said. "To be able to coach with, and learn from such a great coach and person is blessing.

"[With] what he has accomplished in his career, it is a great opportunity to be his assistant."

Earp is also glad to be coaching with Kevin Shawver.

"Coach Shawver and I graduated together from Colcord so it has been good to come back and coach with him again," Earp said, adding he's also excited about working with the high school football coaching staff.

"Coach Waltman has been great to work for. He has done a great job since he has been here and I am excited to be a part of his staff in football," said Earp. "It just feels good to be home."