At the start of the 2017-18, Steve Odle believes the work his team extended this summer, will lead to another strong season on the courts. 

"Summer is where you work on your players individually," Odle said, "where during the season you are trying to put your team together."

The Kansas Girls High School Basketball team worked out two days a week this summer, and also attended team camps at Fort Gibson and Lincoln Christian. The junior high team attended camps in Locust Grove and Fort Gibson.

"We have some holes to fill," Odle said. "We have has some young girls that have come in and had some that didn't play last year that have came back.

"Twins Ashlyn and Ashton Bird didn't play last year and now they have come back and they are pretty good players and will help us a lot."

Odle said summer workouts are designed to promote individual improvements, as well as filling in the gaps within the team as a whole.

"That is what you do in the summer you know what you have coming back," Odle said. "But then you have to see who you have to fill those roles that are not there anymore."

Odle said he lines out a plan for the season, and uses the summer to move closer to his goals.  

"I like to play go in with at least 10 that can play," Odle said. "I think I am pretty close. I have some freshmen that have come in from Leach and other places and I got to see some of them this summer.

"Some of them are pretty athletic. Just got to get them used to our program and to work on things they need to work on."

Odle used the summer camps to preview a number of his teams opponents. 

"Jay has two new coaches and we saw them at the Lincoln Christian team camp. They are much improved. They really hustle and play hard," Odle said. "Adair graduated four starters but they will still be competitive. They have some good young players coming up.

"Chouteau will be better. Salina looked pretty good this summer."

Odle believes his team will enter the season on a positive note, thanks to his veteran players.  

"We have two of the best players around in Aydin Jones and Teri Leaf," Odle said. "You can't hardly guard them both. We didn't lose a game this summer in our team camps.

"If everybody will come up and play their roles we have a chance to be pretty good especially towards the end of the year."

Odle will also have a new home to play in, when the school's new athletic facility is complete, hopefully before the start of the season. 

"It will be nice to play in," Odle said. "It will be different after playing in the same building for 20 years.

"I am looking forward to see what the new atmosphere will be like."