Jay firefighters gained the upper hand in the ongoing spurious battle between police and fire.

In the Jay Guns and Hoses Community Challenge blood drive, the Jay Police Department and Delaware County Sheriff’s Office scored 32 points for donors and units of blood. But the Jay Fire Department boasted a score of 45 points, winning the traveling trophy.

Ashley Hinson, a representative of the Oklahoma Blood Institute, said the Jay Guns and Hoses Community Challenge blood drive collected enough blood to save 174 lives, though the drive ran into complications.

Hinson said the drive on June 8 would have been the largest community blood drive in the history of Jay, if not for a citywide power outage. She said the drive was on track to draw about 79 units of blood before it was shut down three hours early.

Hinson said though it is considered risky, she and Jay Cranke, chief executive officer of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware County, were determined to have a make-up drive on June 20. 

It was a risk worth taking, Hinson said, because the make-up drive drew 22 units of blood, making the combined total of the drives 58 units of blood.

Hinson said the success of the drive was largely due to Grove-area first responders who came to the drive to donate.

“We saw great participation from the Grove area first responders and would like to challenge the Jay community to return the favor for the Grove Guns and Hoses Community Challenge,” Hinson said in an email.

The Grove Guns and Hoses Community Challenge blood drive, sponsored by The Grove Sun staff, takes place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 26, at the Grove Community Center, 104 W. Third St., Grove.