"Summer is so close you can smell it. It smells like bonfires, fishing and cold ones.” - Earl Dibbles Jr.

The weather is hot and the water is warm (86F) with no wind and limited current. I’ll get to the fishing report in a minute.

This past weekend was the Grand Lake Legislative Getaway put on by the Grand Lake Association in conjunction with the Grand River Dam Authority at the Shangri La Hotel and Resort on Monkey Island. One of the activities included guided fishing trips on Saturday and we had a great turnout.

All too often when the talk turns to fishing we key on rods, reels, lures, etc, but there are other ways to fish and one of those methods is HOT right now on Grand Lake. BOW FISHING!

The Downing party was lucky enough Saturday to draw my guide buddy Tommy Vaughn with Reel Time Adventures (620-515-3057). Tommy is one of several guides that not only does “conventional” fishing but also uses bows and arrows for carp, buffalo and gar. He’s good at it. These folks tried it and had a blast as indicated by this catch. If you have not gone bowfishing give it a try. One of the added bonuses is you can do it at night when it’s cooler.

Catfish continue to bite on cut bait around the mid lake islands. White bass continue to school early and late. Try Governors Island, the humps, or bridges with Gay Blades, spinners, or Go Go Minnows on ¼ oz jig heads in white or chartreuse. Black bass and crappie are hit or miss; patience seems to be the best pattern.

Until next time…keep your hook, or arrow in the water

Until next time…keep your hook in the water

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