The Delaware County Commissioners opened two bids on Monday, July 17, in connection to selling a Leach Fire Department truck.

The two bids - $800 from Jeff Trimblin and $1,000 from Jacky Flaming – were for a 1993 truck.

Since no member of the Leach Fire Department was present during Monday’s meeting the commissioners did not approve either bid but said they would wait until next meeting in hopes that a member of the fire department would be in attendance.

In other business, the commissioner approved a janitorial service agreement between the county health department and Marsha McArthur.

The agreement is up to $10 an hour and to 15 hours a week. Also approved is a contract between Delaware County and Heather Trail For Directly Observed Therapy services. The contracts is for $14, 810 which covers millage and individual appointments.

The Delaware County Health Department officers for the 2017-2018 fiscal year were approved. The officers are Maria Alexander and Baylee Keener, requisitioning officers; Jana Haynes, receiving officer and Brandi Larmon, inventory officer.

The commissioners approved the Tia Juana Fire Department officers. They are: Mike Hopper, president; Steve Taylor, secretary; Ken Clark, treasurer; Jim Smart, Fire Chief; David Crouse, assistant chief; Harold Olsen and Ted Terwort members; Jim Smart and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning officers; Frances Smart, Jennifer O’Brian, receiving officers and Sharon Olsen, inventory.

Also approved were $20 bids from Don Wynn and Kathy Williamson to purchase property in Flint Ridge RV Park for lots 88 and Lot 87.

The following invoices were approved by the commissioners:

• Craig County Detention Center, $2,000.

• Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau, $4,982.25.

• Eastern Oklahoma Youth Services, Inc. $400.07.

• Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma, $4,250.

• Craig County Sheriff’s Office, $4,075.

The commissioners also approved:

• A utility permit in District No. 3. located in Eucha.

• A cooperative extension services agreement between the commissioners and Oklahoma State University and the United States Department of Agriculture from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

• File 2017 Cash Financial Statement for the Sheriff’s commissary profit fund from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2017. Balance is $8,522.

A 2017-2018 service contract for the Delaware County Health Department.

An error correction that transferred $2,559 from the Court Clerk’s use tax account to an account to pay for an online court records service.

An engagement contract between the Delaware County Justice Authority and Ameritas investment Corporation for arbitrage rebate services provider.