Volunteers from the Community Crisis Center are introducing a more durable outreach poster to northeastern Oklahoma businesses.

Shelly Forkum, the center’s volunteer coordinator for Delaware County, said she hopes the promotional campaign, called “We're on Board,” will entice 200 businesses to display the new poster on their property.

Forkum said the new posters can be placed in bathrooms, break rooms and waiting rooms in businesses ranging from doctors’ offices to gas stations.

The old posters had tear-off tabs with the center’s 24-hour hotline number and were placed in areas where victims are likely to be away from abusers.

But the tear-off tabs made the posters a hassle to keep up with, Forkum said.

Joyce Weber, the president of the Women’s Auxiliary Association of Monkey Island, said the tabs had to be replaced every couple of months, sometimes more often.

Weber said women’s auxiliary members maintain 35 posters in the Monkey Island and Bernice, but it is hard to keep track of the tabs.

“Sometimes in a month they’re all gone,” Weber said. “I’m glad this new poster won’t require as much maintenance.

A grant from the Rotary Club of Grove made the new poster, designed by Karen Plott of Choice Marketing, possible. The posters will be in acrylic frames, which means no tabs, Forkum said.

The decision to remove the tabs was not taken lightly, according to Forkum.

There was “a lot of discussion” between members of the Community Crisis Center team before a decision was made.

Instead of taking a tab, Forkum said she expects victims to take a picture with their cell phones.

“How many people have a cell phone these days?” Forkum said. “A lot of people take pictures of things they need to remember.”

As for the possibility of an abuser finding a picture of the poster on the victim’s phone, Forkum said “the same thing can happen with the tear-off tabs.”

Persons interested in displaying the Community Crisis Center poster in their business may call Forkum at 918-253-3939.