Arts - both visual and performance - will be celebrated within Grove, as a new cultural district is birthed within downtown Grove.

Organizers, from multiple organizations including the Grow with Grove Task Force, are working to form Grove Springs Cultural District as a way to promote both the creative work of artists who reside within Grove.

On Tuesday, July 18, a meeting will take place at 5 p.m. in Room 6 of the Grove Community Center, 104 West Third, Grove, to discuss the formation new initiative and the future of arts in Grove.

Open to the public, organizers have extended a call out to have visual and performing artists attend in order to find out how to they can take part in district's first event - "Paper the Town with Art," set for Saturday, Sept. 16.

That event will be one of several taking place the week of Sept. 13 to 16, as Andrew Carroll, author of "If All The Sky Were Paper," visits Grove.

About the district

In the works since last September, the cultural district was designated by members of the Grove City Council last November for the areas contained within the downtown zoning. 

Additionally, satellite areas of the district were established to include Har-Ber Village, Lendonwood Gardens, Jana Jae's Southwest Gallery and Grand Lake Festivals, Inc., the Grove Public Library and the Grove High School Performing Arts Center.

It's all designed, according to Suzanne Boles, artistic executive with the Grove Playmakers and member of the cultural district task force, to promote arts in northeast Oklahoma.

"We want arts to be a focal point in Grove," Boles said. "We want to not only draw our community together, but hope it brings lots of tourists and visitors to Grove.

"THis is a way to not only help artists, but also help businesses in the area. We see this as an economic benefit for the area."

With the designation of an arts district made by council members, members of the district task force applied for the Cultural District Development Program grant, through the Oklahoma Arts Council. 

The name - Grove Springs Cultural District - comes from the name associated with Grove's first park, located behind McDonalds on O'Daniel Parkway.

Boles said the task force's immediate goal is to showcase a variety of arts in September during Carroll's visit.

"Our goal is to have lots of artists and performers up and down the [Third] street, at the community center and at Grove Springs Park," Boles said. "We want to help give our artists a platform for showcasing their work."

She also hopes to show business owners and group leaders how they can incorporate art into existing events. 

"We hope the cultural district will enliven the town with arts," Boles said, "and that arts will become a more predominant part of the area."

Learn more about it

A meeting is set for 5 p.m., Tuesday, July 18, in Room 6 of the Grove Community Center, 104 West Third, Grove, to discuss the formation of the new Grove Springs Cultural District and the future of arts in Grove.

The meeting is open to the public and an invitation is issued to all visual and performing artists  to find out how to take part in the events slated for the district, including "Paper the Town with Art," set for Saturday, Sept. 16.

Entry forms for the event will be available at the meeting, and those in attendance may sign up for a mailing list of upcoming events.

The Grove Springs Cultural District will be in the identified downtown area. Business owners within the district, and the extended Grove community, are invited to attend to find out how to participate in the new venture. 

The Grove Springs Cultural District is the work of multiple arts and humanities organizations and businesses within Grove. Those taking part in the formation include officials from The Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, Grove Public Schools and the Grow with Grove Task Force. 

For more information concerning the meeting, or to find out additional information about the cultural district, persons interested may call 918-786-5871.