It all began in 1984. 

Henry LaFleur of Eunice, Louisiana had a vision and founded the Cajun French Music Association in Basile, Louisiana.

Since the CFMA's founding 33 years ago, the non-profit organization has grown to 11 chapters. Six chapters are located in Louisiana, four are in Texas and the final chapter is in Chicago, Illinois. 

At the peak, CFMA boasted 1,800 members. 

One Oklahoman, Bobby Cline, had a large part in the CFMA's growth. 

"I started Lake Charles Chapter for [LeFleur] and I started the Houston Chapter," said Cline, who lives in the Claremore area.  

The Lake Charles Chapter, the largest in CFMA, will celebrate 30 years next week. 

"[LeFleur] started the Cajun French Music Association to preserve the music and the traditions," said Cline. 

Cline believes in the organization so much he jumped in wholeheartedly. 

"None of the cajuns would help, so I just jumped in," said Cline. "Since, I've retired and moved back to Oklahoma. So we're up here every year."

Cline and his wife brought more than 30 attendees to experience Cajun Fest. 

"They're from Fort Smith [Arkansas] and Pouteau, Oklahoma and Eufala, Oklahoma and all them around in that big area," said Cline. 

On the third weekend of July, volunteers with the CFMA chapter host a celebration in Lake Charles.

"We rent the big astrodome," said Cline. "One of my cajun band members works out there and he got us a contract... We've had [the contract] for 30 years."

While Cline himself does not play or sing, he loves to dance. 

"I give a dance at Fort Smith," said Cline. "We just like the music. Me and my lady, we like to dance to it."