Summer in a classroom conjures up ideas of book work and boredom. 

But for a group of Colcord students, a month of summer school has opened up an avenue of fun, at a whole new level, thanks to a program funded by the 21st Century Grant.

The monies helped school officials both an after school program during the 2016-17 school year, and a plethora of summer opportunities in June.

“It is just an awesome program," said Colcord Superintendent Bud Simmons. "The thing is that we have to get past is that our program is not for students that are here struggling or behind it is a program for all our students.

"So we have to get rid of that thought that I don’t want to go to summer school because I am behind. That labels me. It doesn’t label a student it is a added program."

Simmons said the district saw good participation in this year's program - he hopes to see it grow next year. 

Students have taken part in a variety of activities ranging from arts and crafts to robotics, along with an assortment of field trips.

"They spent a week at New Life Ranch and participated in archery, canoeing, fishing," Simmons said. "The kids [also] got to go down to the creek and do some scientific things like finding encrustations and aquatic life."

Simmons said the summer program at New Life Ranch, which served as the school's primary grant partner, is second to none.

Approximately 75 Colcord students went to New Life Ranch during that week.

During a trip to Rogers County, students visited the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore and the Will Rogers birthplace near Oologah.

"They got to learn a little history on their trip to the museums and some local when they went to the Talbot Museum in Colcord," Simmons said.

Supervision for the program has come from Colcord school staff, which Simmons said, has been a positive experience. 

"My daughter Jenna has not missed a day she and the other students are loving it," Simmons said. "They have gotten to experience all this for free through our grant."

The final day for the summer program was Friday, June 30.