Some wait a lifetime to see a dream come true. Eucha's Mike Brantley waited 11 years for his, but he said it was all worth it to see his dream car complete.

"We are really proud of it," said Brantley. "It was completely rebuilt. We are very proud of it."

The 1955 Chevy Bel Air has been modified. It has a small block 400 motor, with 700 horse power and an automatic transmission. It includes power disc brakes, has vintage air conditioning, racking pinion steering.

"It took them 18 months to rebuild it," Brantley said, adding he's had the completed car since September.

The car was rebuilt by Bucks Classics in Tulsa.

"It took them a long time to finish it. It is from the ground up restoration. Bucks Classics in Tulsa did all the work. They do excellent work," Brantley said.

Brantley found the car in Jones, Oklahoma more than a decade ago.

"The guy was needing some money and sold it to me. It had a lot of rust in it I have held onto the car for 11 years to get the money saved up to rebuild it. This is the end result," Brantley said.

Not only was there the wait but the cost of getting the car fixed.

"I paid $5800 for the car when I bought it. Now I have about $70,000 in it," explained Brantley.

Brantley and his wife Melissa have run Creek Bank Produce for the last two years after retiring. Before that Mike was a manufacturing manager in Tulsa while Melissa worked at Jay Public Schools for 18 years.

"I have loved the 55 Chevy since I was a kid," Brantley said. "I always wanted one so when I got a chance I went and bought it. I really is a dream come true. For both of us. We just love the 55 the best"

The Huckleberry Car Show is the first time the car has been on display.

"I am not into car shows that much," Brantley said. "I may bring it back for cruise night. This is just a dream come true."