From strawberry/blueberry pies, to the traditional huckleberry pie treat, multiple bakers took part in the 2017 Huckleberry Pie Contest.

In the Huckleberry division, on the adult side, Whitney Farley took first, while Sarah Adams and Edna Gibe came in second and third, respectively. 

For the youth division, Lexie Farley brought home the win for the best huckleberry pie, while the cooking duo of Rymee and Avery Thompson brought home second and third in a joint baking effort. 

For the fruit pies, Cathy Hollenback brought home first place for her pie, while Beverly Buzzard and Edna Gibe came in second and third respectively.

In the youth fruit pie division, Bentley Hansen and Maya Sharp came in first and second.

In all, the pies - auctioned off by Leroy Hendren - raised more than $4,900 for the Jay Chamber of Commerce, to be used for upcoming Huckleberry Festivals.