The crack of the bats was heard over the weekend as the Northeast Prospects competed in the Appalachian League Tournament. 

The three day tournament, which took place in Vinita on Thursday through Saturday, June 27-29, began with pool play. The Prospects struggled in the first game, falling to Dewey. 

In the second game, Grove faced the Vinita Hornets. 

Vinita 9, Grove 1

The Prospects were unable to score in the first, but Vinita scored seven runs in the first. 

Grove rebounded in the top of the second and scored a run, via Jackie Caudill. Caudill was the courtesy runner for catcher Hayes Pavatt. Caudill's run would be the lone score of the game for the Prospects. 

In the top of the fourth, the Prospects had Caudill on first and Gunner Jensen was at bat. Jensen hit a pop fly over first between the first baseman and the right fielder. Vinita's first baseman collided with Caudill and the umpire called the ball dead. 

Shouts rang out from the Prospects' dugout as the umpire attempted to explain his ruling. 

"He has to have a chance to catch the ball," said the umpire. 

Despite the call, the Prospects held Vinita to seven until the bottom of the fourth, when the Hornets would score on Grove again, making the score 8-1, in favor of Vinita. 

The top of the fifth held some promise for the Prospects, but with two outs, Jensen on third and Coble on first, Pavatt was struck out ending Grove's chances to score. The Prospects would hold Vinita in the fifth, keeping the game at 8-1. 

In the sixth, Caudill made his way to third, but would be unable to cross home before the inning ended. 

The game had an exciting, yet conflicting end. The Hornets were at bat, with a runner on second. The Prospects' third baseman, Layne Rutherford, was communicating with pitcher Colin Craig, when the Vinita runner stole third. Neither Grove player could reach the base in time. The runner was called safe. 

When the next batter stepped up to the plate, chaos ensued. The batter waited for the pitch, but when he saw that Craig was distracted, he motioned the runner home. The runner ran home and Craig threw the ball to Pavatt, who tagged the runner's shoulder. 

The umpire called the Hornet's runner safe, ending the game with a score of 9-1. 

The Prospects played again on Friday morning, after the holiday deadline.