A proposal, for the City of Grove to host a 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series tournament will come before the Grove City Council during the first meeting of the new fiscal year.

The sponsorship agreement, for the April 26 to 29, 2018 tournament, will come before the council at 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 5, at the Grove Community Building, 104 West Third, Grove.

In information released by City Manager Bill Keefer, the city, along with the Grove Convention and Tourism Bureau, will serve as sponsored alongside Cherokee Casino Grove.

The event, which spans four days, will launch and weigh-in from Wolf Creek Park.

In addition to the use of the city’s boat ramps, pre-tournament meetings and receptions will take place at the Grove Civic Center on South Main.

Other organizations and entities taking part in the event include the Grove Police Department - for coordination of emergency services; the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, for the sponsorship of the pre-tournament reception food and beverages; and the Grove Rotary Club, to help with various volunteer roles.

Keefer said if approved city officials will use a portion of the $25,000 earmarked in the new 2017-18 fiscal year budget to provide financing for the city’s sponsorship fees. The remaining monies will come from Cherokee Nation Entertainment. The CTB will be tapped, if approved, to provide sponsorship of the hotel room nights for Bassmaster staff. The total host fee for the event is $45,000.

Drug crimes

An ordinance, proposed by Assistant City Manager Debbie Botteroff, would change the City of Grove’s Code of Ordinance, in relation to charges involving certain non-violent drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors.

The ordinance change is needed because of the passage of State Question 780 and 781.

If approved, the ordinance would amend the city code to limit the fine to a maximum of $800 plus court costs and penalties, or by imprisonment of not more than 60 days, or both.

State Question 780 and 781 went into effect on July 1.

City finances

City Treasurer Lisa Allred will present a resolution to the council, designating what four signers will be on the city’s bank accounts.

The move is needed because of the election of a new mayor and vice mayor, and comes at the request of the city’s bank.

Already suggests the signers include the mayor, vice-mayor, city clerk and city treasurer. Three signatures are needed on each check, and the fourth is named so if one person is absent, a check can still be signed.

Allred said the resolution was written to list the designated signees by position, rather than name. This will allow city business to continue, in the event of personnel or council member changes.

Providing support

The council will consider the annual agreements with Grand Gateway Economic Development Association for the Pelivan Transit Program, DOC Services for use of the Grove Senior Citizen center for it’s meal services, and the Community Crisis Center for the domestic violence safe house in Grove.

Keefer said the city has budgeted $56,500 to assist with the expenses of the Pelivan program for 2017-18.

The local match is 15 percent of the total Fiscal Year 2018 budget of $292,450, The five Pelivan vehicles in Grove saw the following ridership in Fiscal Year 2016: 15,579 - passenger trips, 8,499 - elderly trips; 4,831 - disabled trips, for a total of 96,600 revenue miles.

Keefer said the city has set aside $7,000 in the new budget to assist DOC Services for the expense of the senior meal program. The funding is considered the local match for the services.

Keefer said the city has allocated $8,000 in the new budget, payable in four payments of $2,000, for the Community Crisis Center’s efforts to reach “our most vulnerable and at risk citizens.”

The crisis center operates a shelter in Miami and a safe house in Grove.

Other business

In other business the city council will address a field use agreement with Grove Public Schools for the Jim Beauchamp Field for the upcoming school year.