Dear Editor,

Well, they’ve done it again. For at least the third time, they have written an ordinance that fails to realize the separation of church and state, as both the Constitutions of the US and the State of Oklahoma require.

This time they have written an ordinance (the Grove Sun did not mention the number.) that offers the churches in town an exception from paying permit fees on signage on their premises within City limits of Grove!

I believe it is fair to assume that the Constitutions of both our country and state do not allow for favoritisms to religious organizations over that of other organizations by our fair City, and therefore our City Council has once again violated these sacred directives!

It’s not that I believe our City Councilmen are stupid, because I have brought to their attention several times the errors of their ways in this regard and I know they understand the subject laws!

It’s simply because they are bull headed and believe they are above the laws of the land and can provide favors wherever and to whomever they decide! In this case it is written in an ordinance that signs outside businesses inside the city limits must pay a license fee and signage fee to place a sign on their property!

They know very well it is against the laws of our land for a governmental agency of any kind to provide favors of any kind to a religious organization!

If businesses need their businesses and signs regulated It’s no less important and lawful that churches should receive the same privileges and requirements. It’s not that we don’t like religious organizations, the law is pretty clear on the subject!

Both the Oklahoma and US Constitutions state very clearly that government can and must not favor religious organizations or personnel. There must be total separation of government and religion, and that includes local government

Will Winder