Billed as a “full tilt midget mayhem” with a mixture of sport and showmanship, the Extreme Midget Wrestling team took center stage in June at Club 60 West at River Bend Casino in Wyandotte.

At the epicenter of each show, organized by Center Stage Entertainment, is Lil’ Nasty Boy, also known as Philip Campbell.

At 52, Campbell is one of the oldest members of the team – not only in age, but also in seniority.

The Oklahoma wrestler first entered the ring 35 years ago. He joined the Extreme Midget Wrestling Team more than seven years ago, when Skyler Ward began to formulate the group.

His teammates include King, Bad Little Outlaw, Little Pecker, Paddy McGreggor and Mean Mike Stone.

“I’m a ham,” Campbell said. “I’m an entertainer. I make sure everybody leaves here having a good time. I’ve been doing this for 35 years, I should get it right.”

Campbell’s role includes serving as the announcer for a majority of the two-hour production. He also wrestles in at least two rounds – including the concluding fight, which includes every member of the team.

“This was a childhood dream,” Campbell said. “I fulfilled it.

“I hunted it down and killed it. I’ve been living my dreams since I was 17.”

Campbell said he grew up watching WWE professional wrestlers Ric Flair, Rick Rude and Hulk Hogan fight.

“I took a little bit of all of them, and put it together,” Campbell said, of his character Lil Nasty Boy.

Part villain, part showman, Campbell said he strives to get the audience to “hate him” but then end the evening walking away loving his character.

“This is awesome, because I love making people smile,” Campbell said. “They may be frowning at the beginning, and hate me, but I’ll make [them] smile.”

Campbell said he loves the adrenaline rush that comes, as he steps into the ring during each show.

“When you come out in front of the crowd, you become a whole new person,” he said.

He even has a theme song for his in-ring persona “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO.

“And I’m not afraid to show it,” Campbell said with a laugh.

Despite injuries – which do occur despite precautions - Campbell said the broken fingers and toes, and twisted knees and ankles, are worth it in the end.

“When you are passionate, and love something you can’t just turn and walk away,” Campbell said. “This is something I’ve done for so long, it would be hard to stop.

“I just want to have people leave, feeling like I’ve entertained them.”

Extreme Midget Wrestling comes to River Bend Casino at least once every year. Additional information about the group may be found at or on Facebook at “ExtremeMidgetWrestling”