Water testing within Grand Lake indicates the recent growth of blue green algae is finished, and the presence of the toxin is now negligible.

On Thursday, June 29, Grand River Dam Authority officials lifted the public swim advisory for portions of Grand Lake.

“We want to thank the public and the lake community for all the cooperation during these advisories,” said Justin Alberty, GRDA vice president of corporate communications. “We will continue our regular monitoring efforts across the lakes but based on the most recent tests we believe it is safe to remove the advisories.”

In a written release, Alberty said both Grand and Hudson Lakes are in "really good shape" for the upcoming July 4 holiday.

"We encourage the public to come out and have a great time," Alberty said.

About the algae

Heat and spring rains - with runoff - were blamed for a recent outbreak of blue green algae in the Horse Creek area of Grand Lake.

On Friday, June 16, Grand River Dam Authority officials spotted the algae blooms in the Fly Creek area - an area near Horse Creek, while doing a routine aerial review of the shoreline. 

A few days later, Alberty said, GRDA officials found the algae blooms in an area just south of the Highway 85A bridge at Horse Creek and extending near the shoreline of Grand Lake State Park at Bernice.

Alberty said toxins can be produced in some of the blooms which are harmful to both animals and humans.

Persons who see a blue green algae bloom are asked to contact officials with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality at 800-522-0206 or GRDA at 918-256-0911.