At the pinnacle of his coaching career, John Sheehy decided to step away from basketball.

Now, the former John Brown University coach is returning to the courts, as he takes over the Colcord Boys Basketball Program. 

"I talked a person from the area and they told me if I wanted to come back to coaching I should talk to Terrell Denny here at Colcord," said Sheehy. "So after a phone call and going through the hiring process I will be coaching boys basketball along with Coach Jarrod Earp from seventh grade up to high school."

Sheehy coached for 38 years before retiring.

His coaching career includes serving as a junior high and high school assistant coach.

After being drafted during the Vietnam War and two years in the U.S. Army, Sheehy became a high school coach in Missouri.

His first college coaching position took place at Southern Baptist College in Woolridge, Arkansas. After stops at colleges in Georgia and Texas, Sheehy spent his last 18 years at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas where he won two national championships titles with the first coming in 2005.

In all, Sheehy's career includes 536 total wins and two national championships. He has high hopes for the Colcord program.

"I like to implement a lot of our team stuff in the summer," Sheehy said. "Most of the guys also play football and after early July we go into a dead period where we can't work on things and we won't see a lot of these guys until after football season is over.

"I like to get a lot of the team stuff instituted so when they get back in November it won't be so foreign. So far I am pleased with the talent. I have three seniors and I am not displeased with the talent of those three seniors at all."

Sheehy said his time in the service has given him a different perspective.

"I think that serving in the military gives a certain type of patriotism that don't get otherwise," Sheehy said.

Sheehy and his wife, Linda, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in August. The couple have two children: Tracy is an accounting professor at the University of Tulsa and Clark is the head basketball coach at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. Linda Sheehy has served in education for 35 years.

"One reason I decided to come back and coach at this age level so I can have a positive influence on young people," Sheehy said. "That is what I miss most.

"I don't miss the bus rides, I don't miss the wins and losses. I missed the relationships I had with young people. The challenge once again build a basketball program and more importantly the chance to develop young men at the same time is why I came out of retirement."

Strategy wise he keeps things pretty simple.

"We will emphasis defense, shot selection and try and keep the turnovers down," Sheehy said.

But for Sheehy, there is more important things than titles won or lost. 

"I think is what you see is what you get with me," Sheehy said. "I have patterned my life in the fact that God has given each of us a certain amount of ability and it is our responsibility to develop that. Then we contribute that to something bigger than ourselves.

"I think that is the backbone or basis of what I have based my career on we are going to try to do here. [I try to] develop the talents that I have been given and develop that in other people as well.

Sheehy wants to see his team progress, but in the right way.

"We are going to start with the little guys and build that mentality with them," Sheehy said. "Basics are king of a lost art and we want to bring that back and build that into our team. Right now we are just developing to be the best we can be. See what happens when the season gets here."