Grove is home to an impressive force in the baseball realm. 

The Batmen, a 6 & under A team, competes in USSSA tournaments. On Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25, the Batmen competed in the USSSA State Tournament in Broken Arrow. Going into the tournament, the team had a 16-6 record and was on a three game win streak. The Batmen went 3-2 to place second in the tournament.

Grove 17, Vinita 7

The first game of the tournament pitted the Batmen against the Vinita Bulldawgs. 

Vinita got on the board first, scoring two runs in the top of the first.

The Batmen answered by scoring seven runs in the first and three in the second to take a 10-2 lead. 

The Bulldawgs added a single run in the top of the third. 

Grove added another seven runs in the bottom of the third to take a 17-3 lead. 

In the fourth, Vinita made a valiant effort to catch the Batmen, but the team was only able to score four runs. Grove would get the 17-7 win. 

The Batmen would get 24 hits during the game. Tyson Lee, Brody Keller and Hoyt Gibson each had three hits a piece. Keller led the team with four RBIs, followed by Tagg May with three. 

Grove 15, Broken Arrow 11

In the second game of the tournament, the Batmen faced the undefeated Broken Arrow OK Reds. This game was evenly matched and the two teams traded runs until the game ended. 

Grove scored first, putting two runs on the board in the top of the first. 

Broken Arrow took the lead in the bottom of the first, with three runs. 

The Batmen added three runs to their score, taking a 5-3 lead. 

The Reds scored another three runs to retake the lead, 6-5. 

Grove was held scoreless in the top of the third, while Broken Arrow score yet another three runs, making the score 9-5. 

In the top of the fourth, the Batmen scored one lone run. 

The Reds scored their final two runs in the bottom of the fourth, making the score 11-6, Reds. 

Grove bounced back with five runs in the fifth and four runs in the sixth to win the game 15-11. 

The Batmen had 28 hits during the game, four of which came from Keller, three from Lee and three from Talon Handle. Handle had three RBIs, as did Brody Davis and Bryson Gelinas.

Locust Grove 21, Grove 18

The Batmen's two wins put them into the quarter-finals against Locust Grove's Clutch. The Clutch had already defeated the Owasso Yankees and the Pryor Sharks in the tournament.  

The Batmen took the early lead, holding Locust Grove scoreless and scoring four runs in the first. 

In the second, the Clutch tied the game at four, but Grove scored another run to maintain the 5-4 lead. 

Locust Grove scored another three runs in the top of the third. 

The Batmen answered with four runs, making the score 9-7. 

In the top of the fourth, the Clutch doubled their score with a whopping seven runs. 

Grove scored two runs in the fourth, held the Clutch scoreless in the top of the fifth and added another three runs to the board to tie the game at 14. 

In the sixth Locust Grove scored another seven runs, for a total of 21 runs during the game. 

The Batmen rallied, but their four runs would leave them a little short. The Clutch would win the game 21-18. 

Grove had a total of 26 hits, with Tyson Lee leading the way with four. 

Grove 13, Owasso 9

The loss put the Batmen on the losers side of the bracket, but not out of reach of the title. The team faced the Owasso Yankees in the fourth game of the tournament. Grove would take the win with 13 runs. 

Clutch 11, Grove 9 

In the championship game, the Batmen faced the Locust Grove Clutch for the second time in the tournament. This time the Batmen's defense would pick up and hold the Clutch to eleven runs, while Grove scored nine of their own. The loss gave the Batmen the silver at the tournament.