Dear Editor,

The letter from the angry family member about plans for Lucille Vernon's funeral has caused a great deal of discussion between my friends and neighbors in Grove.

All these people are retired like my wife and I for 10 years or more.

Our question is, 'What did Mrs. Vernon want?' She was a member of the FUMC for 55 years. Would she want the Christian funeral at the Methodist Church with acknowledgement of her military service or did she want the military funeral at the funeral home?

We all agreed it is so important to have your wishes spelled out while you can still make plans yourself. Then discuss the plans with your pastor and the funeral home. Don't leave all this to the family that is left behind.

I don't need to defend Pastor Hamill. He is a good man. A well liked and respected member of the clergy in Delaware County.

He was in a no win situation. The family was so angry and upset that they couldn't get their way that he either had to give in or stand by the policies and procedures of FUMC.

Everyone I talked to were sorry the family was upset but supported Pastor Hamill.

David Johnson