When the mud quit flying on Saturday, June 17, the two time PBR world champion J.B. Mauney emerged as the winner, conquering the Gene Owen bull Cochise and winning the Hometown challenge in Vinita.

"I was excited I rode him and won the money," said Mauney. "I had rode the bull Pearl Harbor the night before and got bucked off. So I didn't want to lose two bounty bulls in a row."

Mauney had rode in another challenge on Friday night in Bismarck, South Dakota and lost the chance at $50,000 when he didn't make the eight seconds ride.

"I am excited for J.B. to ride the bull," Bull contractor and event coordinator Gene Owen said. "I am glad he rode the bull and won the money. That is why we were here. The event turned out great."

But for Mauney his fellow challenger getting bucked off took some of the pressure off of him.

"When we decided to do this I chose the rankest bull possible. Going up against Cooper Davis I knew I would have to have the highest scoring bull I could get on," Mauney said. "But when he got bucked off it took some of the pressure off of me. But I still had to go out and ride."

And ride he did, covering Cochise for 91 points setting the crowd into a standing ovation and a frenzy.

Mauney doesn't get on many bulls during the PBR summer break but does accept chances on a few bounty bulls and also always goes to the Calgary Stampede.

"Other than that I will just rest up and get ready for the second half of the PBR season," Mauney said. "Just get ready to do my best in Nashville and Tulsa to kick it off. I don't get many chances to ride bounty bulls and I take the chances I get."

Owen was excited about the event, already pondering what might come next. 

"Again this year it was an even bigger one," Owen said "We will sit down here sometime in the months ahead and see what we can do to improve on it next year."

Mauney now looks forward to making another run at a third world championship.

"To win another championship I just have to go out and ride bulls," Mauney said. "That is all there is to it. I go out and ride good then I will have a chance at another world title. Just take care of business and let everything else work out on it's own."

About rumors of his his possible retirement, Mauney has just one thing to say.

"I will keep riding bulls until I can't anymore or they won't let me," Mauney said.

As far as the Touring Pro event that took place along with the challenge Texan Wintson Lopez won the event with a score of 89.5 points on one of his bulls.

Fort Gibson's Zane Cook was second with score of 88.5 while Travis Smith was third with an 86.5.

Six other riders also made the eight second whistle with Eli Miller scoring an 86, Romildo Rodrigues 84.5, Braden Metcalf 84, Lindomar Lino 83.5, PBR veteran Ryan Dirteater from Hulbert 82.5 and Dakota Eagleburger with a 78.