My frugal nature is well established... I will walk an extra mile to save a dollar. So when we decided to purchase a new loveseat, well I put my shopping skills to work. I comparison shopped and checked website after website... finally I pulled the trigger and ordered my next commitment.

We commit to our furniture. The last loveseat and couch I bought was when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter... I’m serious about buying something that will last. I will pay for quality but I work hard to get the best deal possible.

Last time I ordered furniture, they delivered the wrong thing. I was there so excited and waiting for the tan microfiber that was suppose to be “child proof” and the truck pulled up, I literally was having contractions I was so excited.

The delivery guys worked so hard to wrangle those two plastic wrapped treasures into our military townhouse... see we lived in a three-story military town house... so there were forty-seven-thousand stairs. I am an excellent manager... so I got them up the stairs and into place where I wanted them... they cut the plastic and ... no.

There were the grossest and saddest red plaid couch and loveseat... that I didn’t order. I looked at those horrible plaid couches and I looked at those exhausted delivery guys and I knew... they were gonna hate me.

The look of pure hate in their eyes when I reached out with a slightly shakey hand and showed them the purchase order... it made me worry. I could see the possibility of a snap in their future... but they looked at each other and then at me... I could see the conversation in the silence... “she’s pregnant, we can’t kill her” ... “fine”.

Without a single word, they rewrapped those couches and struggled to load them down the stairs and onto the truck... they left in complete silence. I felt like baking them something.

A week later, the truck pulled up again and the same two men got out. One of them looked up where I stood, still pregnant, in the window watching... he must have been Catholic cause he made the sign of the cross and closed his eyes... poor guy.

I was prepared with baked goods. They had me come down and they cut open the wrapping to show me that “yep, those were the actual couches that I ordered” and then I fed them... a lot. Eventually, they would groan and moan while moving those coaches up the stairs.

It was worth all of it. Those couches lasted twelve years without damage. Those couches made it through potty training kids, twelve military moves, a cat that got lose in our house and attacked the loveseat, and the time I dropped a hot skillet on one. They were indestructible... thank you Ashely, you make some seriously good couches.

The couch would go first... it was on a move to Montana that we heard the crack. The center support beam underneath gave way. It still looked the same, but the support was going to go... any day.

So we put it out on the curb, with a sign... and the college kids across the street came over in the middle of the day... creeping like spies to capture the couch and cart it off to their lair... it may still be there... sagging in the middle but holding up.

The loveseat we donated because it was lonely and we decided to go another way. We would eventually move onto leather (okay bonded leather because I’m too cheap for genuine).

We got free shipping with our latest couch. I was on pins and needles but eventually it was D day... it was going to be delivered. I rushed home to see it already in the living room... glorious and beautiful.

It was worth all the efforts. It was soft... it was comfortable... I took a nap on it. A week into couch ownership, I leaned over the couch to open the blinds behind it... on each side. I looked down to two gaping wounds on my knees. Either I had couch ninjas or I discovered the reason for the lower cost.

Kalynn Brazeal is a conservative, Christian wife/mom/country girl carrying around an MBA, several decades of business experience and a strong opinion. Dividing her time between Grand Lake and North Dakota, she continues to share her column on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and cake. She can be reached by email at