Recently, my husband, five of our closest friends and myself did an escape room.

Now for those of you who have done escape rooms, you know how amazing they can be. For those of you who haven’t experienced an escape room, they’re fantastic. The rooms can make or break people and it’s always interesting to see who in the group stands out in particular capacities.

This particular room was actually an entire building complete with six actors who either chased or aided you. Add a bit of laser tag into the mix and you get a very interesting and chaotic hour.

My darling husband was given the walkie-talkie with a built-in flashlight and I, being a sports journalist, was given a camera. These two items were the only sources of light in the majority of the building, so naturally my husband led and I landed in the caboose position.

A few years ago, my husband worked the Twilight circuit as an Edward Cullen look alike. When we first started dating, we joked about how similar he was to the character in many ways: nice clothing, immaculate hygiene, etc. But as we grew closer, our families said that in many ways that he and I were a lot like Edward and Bella, just not so broody and much more dramatic.

The reason I bring up Twilight is because there is a passage where Bella’s mother says that Bella and Edward are like magnets, “you move, he moves”. My husband and I had talked about it before, because we too move like magnets. He moves, I move. I move, he moves. This escape room really brought that to light.

Our five friends, however are not so lucky. They were herded and shoved by yours truly as we made our way though the building and away from the actors as quickly as possible.

Eventually we got to a point where I got tired of being in the back and when an actor burst around a corner behind us, I bobbed and weaved my way around into another room.

I actually lost most of the group in doing so. But I didn’t lose my husband. He was right there beside me. I heard shouts of “They got Chloe! They got Chloe!” and I heard my husband say, “She’s right here.”

It’s never boring to see how people function under the temporary chaos of an escape room, but it was awesome to know that my husband always had my back.

We have just celebrated our one year anniversary. Having a lifelong teammate who will always be on my side has been the most wonderful experience of my life.

Lifelong teammates for the win!

Chloe Goff is a former college basketball player who enjoys a plethora of activities, most of which make her sound like a walking oxymoron. Her day job is the Sports Editor at the Grove Sun.