At the spry age of 101, F.A. Holmes jumped to his feet to help replace a tattered and faded American flag.

Ruby Moon, the activity director of Grandwood Assisted Living, said Holmes, a WWII veteran, had mentioned to her it was disrespectful to fly a flag coming apart at the seams, so she set out to find a new one.

Moon worked with Wayne Perego, a Physician’s Choice Hospice account executive, to have the company donate the flag. She scheduled the event for Wednesday, June 14, on Flag Day.

At 1 p.m., Grandwood employees ushered about 25 residents outside the main building to the porch. Donald Huffman, the Physician’s Choice director of operations, drove from Oklahoma City to witness the event.

Holmes held the new flag close to his chest and watched as Hubert Moore, a Vietnam veteran, and Perego lowered and removed the old flag. Moore said it will be burned on Friday, following proper protocol. 

With pride shining in his eyes, Holmes attached the new flag and raised it to the top of the pole. Moore led a prayer and the residents went inside to have refreshments donated by Physician’s Choice officials.

The veterans joked about which branch of the military was the best as they ate cookies and drank fruit punch. After the refreshments were cleared, the residents resumed what is on their regular schedule, a game of bingo.