A request from the Delaware County Treasurer for a temporary transfer of funds was tabled on Monday, June 12, to allow the county commissioners time to reconsider the process, said Doug Smith, Delaware County Commissioner chairman.

“We want to reevaluate how we are approaching this issue which comes up every year,” Smith said after the meeting.

The money comes out of the highway fund and the commissioners just want to see if there is an alternative.

A request to transfer $3,340 from the general budget capital outlay account to the assessor's personal service account died for lack of a motion.

The commissioners also opened several bid packages.

Midwest Printing was chosen for the annual election ballots project.  Smith said their bid was .16 per ballot.

Grand County Pest Control was selected for an extermination contract,which includes $200 a month for spraying the courthouse and $50 a month for spraying the Sheriff’s Office, the Election Board office and the community center. 

In financial matters, the commissioners approved to transfer $800 from the OSU Extension Personal Services account to the travel account, to transfer $11,096 from the Monkey Island Fire Department capital outlay account to its maintenance and operations account, and transfer $3,500 from the Eucha Fire Department travel account to its capital outlay account. 

The commissioners also approved to pay a State Auditor’s invoice of $59,354.23, an Craig County Sheriff’s invoice of $5,475 for housing Delaware County inmates in May, a $1,875 invoice from Craig County Regional Detention Center for May, and a $2,320.50 invoice from the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau.

Two county offices submitted a list of officers to be approved. They are Election Board, Dixie Smith and Crystal January, requisitioning; Anna Reece, receiving and Smith , inventory. The other office was the Treasurer’s Office. Those officers include Susan Duncan, Teresa Earp and Megan Hamby, requisitioning; Pam Blecha, Jackie Wyatt and Martha Williams, receiving; Merikki Trujillo, Pam Hale and Lesley Simpson, inventory.

The commissioners also approved:

• a resolution directing the county commissioners to reimburse the county election board for personal services, part-time help, travel and maintenance and operations expenses.

• the county treasurer’s resale budget.

• a review a proposal by Thyssenkrupp concerning the courthouse’s elevator.

• a contract of renewal requests by the county treasurer’s office.

• software lease and maintenance agreement with TM consulting.

• designating county depositaries for the county treasurer.

• to surplus a 1990 Ford Ambulance from the Flint Ridge Fire Department

• to advertise, for a second time, for sealed bids on annual uniform service.

The next meeting is 9 a.m. on Monday, June 19 at the Delaware County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Public Meeting room.