Two Grove athletes competed in the sophomore Sunbelt Classic Baseball Tournament. 

The sophomore version of the tournament was held on Friday through Sunday, June 2-4. The two Grove athletes selected for the classic were Chat Hayes and Zane Knox.

Hayes played in 29 games during the 2017 season, had 92 plate appearances, 85 at bats and had 25 hits. Of those 25 hits, 19 were singles, three were doubles and the remaining three were triples. Hayes batted in 17 runs and scored nine runs himself. Hayes had a batting average of .305. 

Knox also played in 29 games, had 100 plate appearances, 77 at bats and 24 hits. 18 of those hits were singles, four doubles and two triples. Knox also batted in 16 runs, scored 16 runs and maintained a .315 batting average during the 2017 season.