Members of the Grove FFA Chapter celebrated the end of the 2016-17 school year on Tuesday, May 9, with the annual banquet at Grove High School.

The event, which included a “flashback theme,” and featured seven alumni: Kraig Butler, Scott Hilton, Amy Heard, Craig EuBanks, Mike Tyner, John Sherman, and Jim Little Field as special guests for the evening.

During the event six members were installed as the new officer team for 2017-18. They include Mia McCool as President, Emily Knowles as Vice President, Nettie Kirby as Secretary, Rylee Caswell as Treasure, Katie Hilton as Reporter, and Mikala Sargent as Sentinel.

Grace Clark received the outstanding leadership award. Clark, a senior, is a four year member of the Grove FFA and served as vice president during the 2016-17 school year.


Multiple awards were presented at the event, they include:

• Proficiency awards – Six students received proficiency awards their projects. They include: Travis Bacon, poultry; Rylee Caswell, forage; Emily Knowles, beef; Marissa Rowe, swine; Bailey Fields, swine; Mia McCool, Goat.

• Career Passport Recognition Winners- Four students received career passports, which are awarded to students who have been prepared to enter the agricultural workforce through rigorous curricular and evaluation activities established by industry.

Students must complete coursework in their chosen fields, be graduating seniors and successfully complete objective and skill-based competency tests.

The career passport assures a prospective employer that its holder is well prepared to enter a job in a specific field. The individuals include: Kia Redus, animal science; Grace Clark, agricultural communications; Brett McDonald, shielded metal ARC welding; Courtney McNary, agricultural communications.

• Citation of Appreciation- Sixteen individuals and families received a citation of appreciation for going the extra mile to help students in the Grove FFA Program: Jackie Kirby, Amy Heard, Shannon Sargeant, Gus Holland, Shelby White, Donna Clark, Steve Stinnett, Linda Rowe, Renae Dozier, Charlotte Bergman, Hilton family, Caswell family, Ford family, Knowles family, Crawford family and the Bronaugh family.

• Honorary Awards- Three businesses who provided outstanding service and support to the Grove FFA program received Honorary Awards. Those businesses included Simmons, Sonic and Rancho.

• Discovery Degree- Twenty-two individuals received the Discovery Degree for becoming a member of the National FFA Organization.

This journey includes learning a lot about the world and industry of agriculture through their agricultural education classes. The students included: Tori Bauer, Summer Bailey, Whitney Blessing, Kash Butler, Kord Butler, Sierra Campbell, Brittany Case, Lyndsay Caudill, Lauren Chaney, Kynsley Converse, Medow Dezoete, Hannah Dozier, Cheyenne Elbert, Ali Getz, Trace Groff, Elizabeth Jones, Katyn Medlin, Alexis Moore, Shane Newby, Whitney Rutherford, Katie Salyer and Dakota Simmons.

• Greenhand Degree- Thirteen individuals received their Greenhand Degree for being in ag for two years. These individuals include; Travis Bacon, Javis Craig, Dakota Crawford, Gavin Ginnis, Lilly Gonzalas, Riley Gozalas, Riley Grimes, Vanessa Hernandez, Kaleb Jacobs, Dalton King, Marissa Rowe, Sage Saylor, and Taylor Sixkiller

• Chapter Degree- Twenty-Nine individuals received their Chapter Degree for being in ag for three years. They include Kristen Clark, Tegan Heard, Mia McCool, Brett McDonald, Courtney McNary, Tyler Miller, Brandon Mitchell, Mikala Sergeant, Rylee Caswell, Jackie Caudill, Spencer Cook, Eliza Downing, Emma Fields, Kaitlyn Fields, Chloe Gennis, Brady Johnson, Cheyenne Mitchell, Trina Shorter, Mistaya Clapp, Bailey Brown, Gregg Crawford, Brad Hart, Barry McIntyre, Jesse McIntyre, Logan Poindexter, Kia Redus, Taylor Rowe, Hunter Thompson and Hayden William.

• Star Chapter Greenhand - the Star Chapter Greenhand is given at the chapter level to the most active agricultural. This is measured and based on the 2016-17 Grove agricultural education progress chart. The two individuals who received this award are Marissa Rowe, and Travis Bacon.

• Star Chapter Farmer - The Star Chapter Farmer is given to the chapter member who has an outstanding SAE in production agriculture and demonstrates the most involvement in all areas of the chapter activities. The two individuals who received this award was: Emily Knowles and Bailey Fields.

• Fundraiser Champions- The top five Blue and Gold salespersons included: Lauren Chaney in fifth place with $2,803, Hannah Dozier in fourth place with $4,479, Whitney Blessing in third place with $4,923, Tegan Heard in second place with $5,665, and in first place Rylee Caswell with $6,522.

• Achievement Awards CDE’S- Achievement Awards in CDE’S include cattle grading, horse judging, livestock judging, dairy judging, creed/speech speaking, and farm equipment operators.

Cattle grading included: Rylee Caswell, Mia McCool, Grace Clark, Nettie Kirby, Emily Knowles, Dakota Simmons, Katlyn Demmitt, Travis Bacon, Whitney Blessing and Tori Bauer.

Horse judging included three individuals: Mia McCool, Mikala Sergeant, and Travis Bacon.

Livestock judging included 15 individuals. These individuals include: Emily Knowles, Rylee Caswell, Katie Hilton, Mia McCool, Lindie Eubanks, Katlyn Demmitt, Hannah Dozier, Lauren Chaney, Nettie Kirby,Grace Clark, Kord Butler, Kash Butler, Mikala Sergeant, Marissa Rowe and Sierra Campbell.

Dairy judging included four individuals: Katyn Medlin, Tegan Heard, Travis Bacon and Tyler Miller.

Thirteen individuals competed in the creed/speech contest including: Sierra Campbell, Lauren Chaney, Kynsley Converse, Hannah Dozier, Katyn Medlin, Rylee Caswell, Marissa Rowe, Janamay Carothers, Katlyn Demmitt, Mia McCool, Nettie Kirby, Tegan Heard, and Emily Knowles.

In the Farm equipment operators contest nine individuals participated including: Rylee Caswell, Katie Hilton, Tegan Heard, Brad Hart, Taylor Rowe, Jesse McIntyre, Dakota Crawford, Dalton King and Katlyn Demmitt.

• Livestock Shows

Eleven individuals took part in the cattle show:  Kash Butler, Kord Butler, Lauren Chaney, Hannah Dozier, Ali Getz, Emily Knowles, Rylee Caswell, Lindie Eubanks, Gregg Crawford, Cooper Sampson, and Katlyn Demmitt.

In the swine show 11 individuals participated: Dakota Simmons, Kaleb Jacobs, Marissa Rowe, Bailey Fields, Rylee Caswell, Kaitlyn Fields, Trina Shorter, Pepper Tanner, Taylor Rowe, Lindsay Caudill, and Jackie Caudill.

In the goat show three individuals participated including: Nettie Kirby, Mia McCool and Emily Knowles.