The rain did not dampen the enthusiasm for the Lake O' the Cherokees All-Star Basketball games. 

Despite the threats of tornadoes and lightening across Craig County, forty athletes from across the area played for bragging rights on Thursday, May 11, in Vinita. 

Girls Game

The home team fell behind early, trailing 38-28 at the half. By game's end, the away team expanded their lead to almost twenty, winning the game 73-54. 

Grove's Kelsea Gorham played on the away team. Gorham scored all five of her points in the second quarter, via two made freethrows and a three-pointer. 

Gorham was joined by Alacyn Cummings of Oaks, who scored two points and Emma Kirk of Kansas who scored one. Also on the away team was Oklahoma's Player of the Year, Keni Jo Lippe of Adair. Lippe scored twenty points in the game and has signed to play at Oral Roberts University. 

Jay's Haley Dry led the home team, scoring six points in the first, two in the second and hit a three-pointer in the third, to finish with eleven points total. Dry was accompanied by Tor Lofgren of Miami, who scored four and Tailee Reding who scored five. 

Boys Game

The second game of the night was a high tempo one. The home team racked up a 23-13 lead in the first quarter, expanding to 59-33 at the half and ended the game with a score of 100-85. 

Grove's Tommy Horton played for the away team. Horton scored three points in the second and ten in the fourth for a total of thirteen. Horton was joined by Dylan Siers of Kansas. Siers scored 19 to lead the team and earned the MVP for the away team.

Oaks' Trey Fields scored fourteen, while Miami's Jack Osbourne scored twelve. Chase Brock of Jay scored a three in the first, third and fourth quarters for a total of nine points. Kameron Jinks of Miami scored seven. 

Leading the home team was Vinita's Spencer Shepard. Shepard scored 18 points, five of which came from the three pointers. 

Grove's Dillan Miller scored two in the first, five in the third and six in the fourth for the second highest score with thirteen. Kansas' Kalin Parsons scored eleven, followed by Jay's Tyler Battiest with eight and Oaks' Shae Beaver and Ezra Morrison, who both had seven.