“The best pick up line has a fish on the end of it”

Once we got used to the lake conditions the fishing has improved. Water color is better, but it depends on location. You can actually see the change while on the water. Lake temperatures are in the lower 70’s. Shad are beginning to school.

All the fish we have been catching; black bass, crappie, white bass, and an occasional catfish, have been on the “old bank” before the high water. The fishing is excellent right now, and the bite should remain reliable until the lake level is consistent and the fish move into summer patterns.

Our black bass were caught on white spinner baits, and jigs. Crappie and white bass seem to prefer Blakemore Road Runners in chartreuse/black, or Go Go Minnows in Firecracker. Although I’m not even close to a catfishing expert, I can’t believe the fish aren’t gorging themselves on worms in the shallower water.

In the meantime, one of the most rewarding experiences in fishing, is watching a family together on the water. I ran into the Barras family the other day, and this is Mckenzie. The fish wasn’t a keeper but the memory will be.

Until next time…keep your hook in the water

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