This weekend, Kym Hoover hopes to make a difference.

In fact, the full-time mom and nursing student, hopes others will join her cause.

This weekend Hoover is organizing a "Keep DelCo Clean" event in honor of Earth Day 2017.

The event, which is slated to start at 8 a.m., Saturday, April 22, at the Jay Wal-Mart parking lot, is designed to encourage volunteers to spread throughout Delaware County to pick up trash along the county roadways.

Assistance from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful has provided Hoover with hundreds of trash bags, vests, gloves, water bottles, t-shirts and banners to promote the event.

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is part of the Great American Cleanup initiative.

"I have put a lot of thought and work into trying to clean this county up," Hoover said. "[This is] important for the future of our young.

"They won't survive when we are gone if the environment we leave them is covered in trash. They won't be safe, they won't be healthy and they won't be successful continuing the plan God has created for us.

"I want better for my children. My kids already know at 10 and 4 that littering is wrong, disrespectful and harmful. I hope to encourage others to teach their children the same thing."

During the event, Hoover has received permission from officials with the Delaware County District Attorney's Office to use the event towards area residents community service hours. 

"People can help with my event, schedule their own event, teach their children the harm littering can cause, and most importantly, do not litter," Hoover said. "God, our children and our neighbors deserve so much more."

Hoover plans to meet with volunteers at 8 a.m., Saturday at the Jay Wal-Mart parking lot. Volunteers can spend as little as one hour, to as much as a full day helping. Where the group works will be determined on Saturday morning.

"Even if it's for an hour, that hour can help so tremendously," Hoover said. "I will meet people at anytime they are available, and I will be available by phone so that anyone willing to help can find where I am at any time."

How it all began

Hoover's quest for a cleaner county began during the Christmas 2016 season, as she drove down Deerlick Road to visit her grandparents.

"I noticed that the entire road was nothing but trash," Hoover said. "[That] made me more observant when driving around the county from then on.

"I was disgusted and ashamed of myself for not realizing how bad the litter in the county is. I was embarrassed of what people see when they visit our community and frightful of the environment I am living for my children."

Hoover said she began to research ways to clean up the county. She also attempted to clean up her grandparents' road. 

"I went to Deerlick Road where the green dumpsters use to be, and it took me an entire day to pick the trash up in just that area," Hoover said. "I didn't even have enough room in my vehicle to haul it all to the dump in one trip.

"Luckily, a family stopped and offered to haul off the pile of trash bags/metal that I had collected that I couldn't fit it my car."

After learning about the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful program, Hoover decided to host an event on Earth Day, in order to raise awareness of the issue.

"I want to leave my children safe and beautiful land that they can be proud of," Hoover said. "I want to be proud of the land that I call home.

"I want people to stop throwing their trash out, and to realize that someone has to pick it up when they do. I want people to realize that it is their responsibility to help clean and maintain the land that God created for us. Otherwise, what will become of God's creation?"

Hoover said if she, as a full-time single mom of two, and a full-time nursing student can find time to give back to the community, others can as well.

"I somehow found the time to try to give back to my community, because it's important and it's my responsibility," she said. "If I have found the time, anyone can."

For more information, persons interested may contact Hoover at 918-314-6411.