One of the most stressful parts of selling a home is ensuring it is presentable when listing it on the market. With spring here, Oklahoma Association of REALTORS (OAR) offers these tips on getting any home in top shape for the housing market.

According to a national study, 96 percent of buyer’s agents say that staging has a favorable effect on some buyers’ view of the home. It is also found that a clean home makes a positive impression on appraisers.

“There are many areas of a home that are forgotten in our daily lives,” said Pete Galbraith, OAR president. “Taking the time to invest in deep cleaning not only makes a home more appealing, it reduces the maintenance repair costs down the road. There are numerous things sellers can do to make their home appealing this spring.”

In addition to a regular cleaning routine, homeowners should take advantage of the following recommendations to make their home irresistible:

· Clean top to bottom- While making a home sparkle can be time consuming, it is a necessary investment when selling a home. Bleaching grout, cleaning out the refrigerator and dusting every corner of the home can make a large difference in the overall look of a home. Even renting cleaning tools such as a pressure washer for exterior walls is a worthwhile investment.

· Remove clutter and personal items- Buyers want to imagine their own photos on the wall and picture their life in your home. Without excess clutter and personal items, a home can look “move-in ready.”

· Organize closets and cabinets- Taking the time to organize medicine cabinets, dinnerware and bedroom closets will highlight the quality of the home and show the home has been taken care of.

· Make minor repairs- Fix squeaky doors, burned out lightbulbs, bright wall colors and anything else that could be a distraction when viewing a home.

· Disassociate from the home- Although it can be sad when parting from a longtime memory such as a home, in order to properly stage a home, it is best to picture the home as something others would be interested in.

“We encourage those planning to sell their home to take advantage of these tips to enhance their selling process,” Galbraith said. “Not only are these tips helpful for those selling a home, many Oklahomans could utilize them when cleaning their home this spring.”

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