Grove alumni took over the diamond on Jim Beauchamp field. 

Grove baseball alumni weekend was held on Friday and Saturday, April 14-15. Thirty-one alumni came out to play a seven inning game. Legendary coaches Pat Dodson, Larry Shackleford and Don Gallier were in attendance coaching the former players. 

The graduating class of 1997 lead the way with the most returning alumni, with six athletes returning to Grove. The classes of 2014 and 2006 each had three athletes, while 2000, 2001, 2007 and 2008 each had two. 

At the first-ever Ridgerunner Baseball Hall of Fame Banquet, the late Jim Beauchamp and the 1997 State Championship team were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Kash Beauchamp accepted on behalf of his father. 

"I wasn't expecting to speak tonight, but I can't allow something like this to go by without a few words on behalf of my father," said Beauchamp. "I feel like he's here tonight. I know where he is, he's on that field. Jim Beauchamp Field is hallowed ground for our family. My dad loved Grove, Oklahoma... I just want to thank each and every one of you guys."

Former head coach Pat Dodson and several members of the 1997 team accepted the Hall of Fame award. 

"Some of [the members of the team] I haven't seen in twenty years, but they are still swinging the bat pretty good," said Dodson. "Some aren't as fast as they used to be, but they still got around the bases quite a bit and scored a lot of runs.

"The '97 team, it wasn't just 1997. Most of these guys, when they were in little league, they were State Champions. I got a chance to be with most of them when they were 13, so I got six years in a row with them. It was a great opportunity to have the same group together."

Josh Shackleford, an infielder for the 1997 team, had a few words for the current team.

"We weren't a group of common guys and I don't think we had common parents or common coaches, nothing about us was common. So you future Ridgerunners and guys on the team right now, challenge yourself to be uncommon. Go above and beyond the average. You have an uncommon coach, take advantage of that. You have uncommon supporters, take advantage of that. Challenge yourselves to be uncommon," said Shackleford.  

Away Roster

Ty Phillips, 2014

T.J. Griffith, 2004

Josh Shackleford, 1997

Walter Crane, 1991

Kash Beauchamp, 1981

Derek Gallier, 2001

Sean Bridges, 2005

Billy Davis, 1997

Kasey Threet, 2006

Robby Carmical, 2006

Tyler Dodson, 2008

Cory Davenport, 2008

Jake Martin, 2010

Bart Crossley, 2006

Linc Bassett, 1989

Daniel Dalton, 2002

Cody Coughran, 1993

Coaches: Pat Dodson and Larry Shackleford

Home Roster

Steven Bale, 1997

Charles Petty, 2007

Gabe Edmondson, 2007

Matt Petty, 2000

Jordan Wilhem, 2009

Dirk McReynolds, 1997

Joel Shackleford, 2000

Ty Jefferies, 2003

Jerrod Reineke, 1997

Scotty Spicer, 2014

Jerrod Mountford, 1997

Jake Spychalski, 2014

Robbie Durosette, 2001

Trenton Williams, 2016

Coach: Don Gallier