Pastors at Grand Lake Life.Church will launch the new church with a 7 p.m. worship service on Sunday, April 16, at NewSong Church, Grove.

The church, pastored by Richie and Kathy Castaldo, is being formed as a partnership between Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church in Edmond, and Pastor Marty Dyer with NewSong Church in Grove.

The services will take place at 7 p.m., each Sunday, at NewSong, 61980 East 353 Road, Grove, approximately four miles south of Honey Creek Bridge on Highway 59 between Grove and Jay.

Richie and Kathy Castaldo will serve as the pastors.

"We utilize the free resources and facilities of these two churches to help us accomplish our vision in the Grand Lake region," Castaldo said, adding the church will feature "live, loud and heartfelt worship music" and "relevant teaching."

It's geared, he said, for "people who are transparent about their own struggles but passionate about loving other people."

"We have found that many people, especially millennials, feel left out of traditional church cultures. At #GrandLakeLife we say, 'you don't have to believe like us to belong with us,' and we mean it.

"Our mission is leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ in the Grand Lake region. However, our approach is not traditional. We believe in accepting people no matter how diverse their beliefs, sexualities, or lifestyles. This means we don't do religion; we do life together. We don't try to change people; we just want relationships with people."

For more information, persons interested may visit or contact Castaldo at 918-786-7737, or