Less than 24 percent of the registered voters casting ballots in last week's municipal election in Colcord which ended in a tie for one trustee seat.

A total of 97 voters of the 416 registered made their opinions known during the election for two seats on the town board of trustees and a proposition which would have changed the way the town's clerk was picked.

In all, Rob Matney received the most votes, earned a spot on the Colcord Board of Trustees with 61 of the 187 votes cast.

He was followed by Tina Denny and Earl Bishop, who both received 41 votes. The winner of this seat will be determined by a drawing of lots at a special meeting of the county election board on 2 p.m., Monday, April 17, at the election board office in Jay. 

Additionally, the 97 voters rejected the Proposition One which would have allowed the town's board of trustees to hire a city clerk, rather than have the position filled as an elected role in the community. Of those who vote, 26 said yes, while 71 said no.

About the tie breaker

Delaware County Election Board Secretary Dixie Smith said state election policy calls for the seat to be determined by lots.

That policy indicates the decision will comes no later than the 10th day following the election in which a tie vote occurs.

It also states that Smith will notify, in writing, both candidates, the time, date and location of the county election board meeting, during which the electee will be selected by lot.

During the casting of a lot, Smith will write or print the names of each candidate involved in the tied vote on separate pieces of paper.

Each paper, according to state rules, must be the same color and type, and of the approximately equal size. The papers are folded in half, one time so names are not visible.

Smith said the names will be placed in a container, and then someone - either herself or another designated person, not the candidate, witnesses or other person directly involved in the election, will draw one piece of paper from the container.

The person whose name is written on the paper will be declared the winner of the election.

For more information, persons interested may contact the election board office, located at 225 South Fifth Street, Jay, at 918-253-8762.