Colcord continued their season dropping three games to Oaks 28-6 Thursday, April 6, Foyil 8-0 Friday, April 7 and Class 2A, sixth ranked Ketchum 14-0 Monday, April 10.

Oaks 28 Colcord 6

Oaks scored four run in the first inning with Trey Fields, NaKoma RomanNose, T.J Cummings and Freddie Twist coming home to score. RomanNose, Cummings and Tree Rollins added three in the second to put Oaks up 7-0.

Oaks added 14 runs in the third to go up 21-0 on the Hornets.

Colcord put points on the scoreboard after Zach Gonzalez scored off a Morgan Shawver RBI single in the bottom of the third. The Hornets added two more runs in the frame. Blake Gonzalez crossed home plate with a Dustin Foreman single and Spencer Earp came home on a wild pitch.

Colcord finalized their scoring when Colton Dale hit a sacrifice single to the pitcher to score Morgan Shawver, Foreman and Duncan stole home on the same series of plays.

Oaks added seven runs in the fourth inning.

Oaks finished with 19 hits Colcord had five. Cummings finished with four hits for Oaks, Fields, RomanNose and Donovan Hammer had three and Rollins two. RomanNose had five RBI's.

Earp, Foreman, Blake Gonzalez, Morgan Shawver and Baylon Summerfield had hits for Oaks.

Cummings got the win for Oaks in the game with five hits, six runs, one walk and five strike outs. Colcord used four pitchers in the game with Earp, Foreman, Morgan Shawver and Tyler Duncan combining for 19 hits, 10 walks and five strike outs.

Foyil 8 Colcord 0

Colcord had nine hits in the game but committed five errors. Earp was 2-4, Morgan and Mandan Shawver 2-3, while Summerfield and Doty had hits.

Foreman pitched a three innings with six hits, two runs, two walks and five strike outs. Morgan Shawver also pitched three innings with five hits, six runs, two walks and five batters struck out.

Ketchum 14 Colcord 0

The Hornets had two hits in the game with the high powered Warriors. Dale and Blake Gonzalez had the lone hits. Ketchum struck out 12 Colcord batters in the game. Foreman pitched three innings with 10 hits, three walks and one strike out. Summerfield pitched one inning with six hits one strike out.