Wedding bells will ring later this year, when 64-year-old Martha Betterfield experiences the joy - and sorrow - of wedding day madness, as her son prepares to say I Do.

The tale, titled "Martha Betterfield's Wedding Belles," will hit the big screen of Grove Cinema 6 this fall.

Filled with a cast of local actors, this is the second Martha Betterfield movie being brought to life by writer - and lead performer - Josh Goff.

In this tale, Betterfield receives word that her son plans to marry a New Jersey native, and in Goff's words "the news is anything but moonlight and magnolias."

"With unhappy in-laws North and South of the Mason/Dixon," Goff said, the movie is destined to answer the questions "will true love make a way, or will they even make it to their wedding day?

For Goff, who debuted Martha Betterfield's Sweet Southern Attitude in August 2015, the plans for the sequel began to ferment in his mind "before the red carpet had time to be swept."

From local talent cast in the show, to businesses and organizations lending their support, Goff said reaction to the sequel has been positive.

"It's exciting to be able to tell people that the cast and crew of my movies come out of the very place that I call home," Goff said. "How many people can say that they live among such talented and supportive people? This movie is a testament to that."

Goff said the movie will be full of surprises.

"From start to finish this movie is a roller coaster," Goff said. "You'll laugh, you'll gasp, and who knows, you may even wipe away a tear.

"If you thought the first movie was fun, you'll be on the edge of your seat for Wedding Belles"

More about Goff

For Goff, the film, which features a cast of local actors, is a chance to showcase several things he loves: humor, life in the south and acting.

Goff, who serves as the lead actor portraying Martha Betterfield, brings to the big screen a character he created while taking part in Northeastern A&M's Upward Bound program.

Betterfield, he said, was originally created to be a "redneck" and homely character designed to entertain audiences.

Eventually, the character developed and evolved to showcase the life and spirit of four special women in Goff's life: his Grandmas Alice and Brenda, and his Aunts Mary and Lorene.

"So much of her act that audiences get a good laugh from were developed from real life experiences that I grew up with," Goff said. "The new Martha proved to be more likable, and allowed me to pay homage to my crazy Southern family, as well as to the beautiful place I call home."

Goff, who spent several years traveling as Edward Cullen at various Twilight events, now pours his creative energy into the character of Martha, a woman he describes as a 60-year-old southern belle who lives in a land of moonlight and magnolias.

Goff sees portraying a female character as a challenge, but one he can tackle. His inspiration comes in part from watching Robin Williams play the lead role in Mrs. Doubtfire and Tyler Perry's creation of Madea.

Goff and his wife, Chloe, reside in rural Zena. Chloe Goff serves as the Grove Sun's Sports Editor.