Grove's tennis team has wrapped another tournament. 

On Thursday, March 9, the Ridgerunner and Lady Red teams headed to Collinsville for a tournament. While both teams would finish in second to Tulsa NOAH, head coach Todd Kerr was pleased with the outcome.

"That is about as good as we could have done," said Kerr. "[NOAH] was quite a bit better in the singles events. We did win three out of the four doubles events though, that was fun."

Lady Red

The Lady Red team finished with twenty-nine points overall, second to NOAH, who had thirty-four points. Oologah finished in third with eighteen followed by Pryor, with seventeen, and Tahlequah with fourteen. Skiatook, Collinsville and Victory Christian rounded out the eight teams. 

1 Singles - Takoma Tanner defeated Oologah (6-2, 6-5), then lost to Collinsville (6-5, 6-4, 10-7), then defeated Skiatook (6-0, 6-5) to finish in third place, earning the team six points. 

2 Singles - Hannah Apperson defeated Oologah (6-3, 6-4) and Victory Christian (6-1, 6-4, 10-8) before losing to NOAH (6-0, 6-0). Apperson finished in second, earning the team seven points. 

1 Doubles - Tessa DuBois and Lacey Kerr defeated Victory Christian (6-0, 6-0) and Oologah (6-0, 6-0) then lost to NOAH (6-4, 6-4). The duo finished in second, earning the team seven points. 

2 Doubles - Eliza Downing and Eraya Elder defeated Victory Christian (6-0, 6-0), Pryor (6-1, 6-3) and NOAH (6-5, 6-4). Downing and Elder finished in first and earned nine points. 


Grove finished in second over with twenty-six points. NOAH finished in first with thirty points, Pryor finished in third with twenty-three points, Tahlequah took fourth with twenty-one and Oologah rounded out the top five with twenty points. Collinsville, Victory Christian and Skiatook finished out the brackets. 

1 Singles - Jeff Crawford lost to Collinsville (6-0, 6-0), then defeated Skiatook (6-0, 6-0) and Pryor (6-1, 6-5, 10-8). Crawford finished in fifth to earning the team four points. 

2 Singles - Silas Rosiere lost to Oologah (6-1, 6-1), then defeated Collinsville (6-0, 6-2). Rosiere then faced teammated Wes Beal, who had already lost to Pryor (6-0, 6-1), but defeated Skiatook (6-0, 6-1). Rosiere defeated Beal (6-3, 6-4), earning the team four points. 

1 Doubles - Reagan Morris and Braden Wadley defeated Skiatook (6-0, 6-0), Pryor (6-0, 6-0) and NOAH (6-2, 7-6, 7-2). The duo earned the first place spot and earned nine points. 

2 Doubles - Mason Allen and Kenny Wright defeated Collinsville (6-0, 6-0), Oologah (6-0, 6-0) and NOAH (6-0, 6-0). Allen and Wright finished in first earning the team nine points. 

Both teams will be in action in Pryor, the Lady Red will play on Tuesday, March 21, while the Ridgerunners will play on Thursday, March 23.