The Delaware County Commissioners voted not to take any action on a proposed burn ban for Delaware County during the Monday, March 13 meeting. 

When the item was discussed, Nick Lelecas, Delaware County assistant district attorney reviewed state law regarding burn bans and informed the commissioners the majority of the Delaware County fire chiefs would need to sign a county letter requesting a burn ban.

Currently 19 out of the state’s 77 counties are under county imposed burn bans until March 21, according to information released by the state’s Forestry Services.

Preliminary estimates show fires have destroyed an estimated 623,000 acres in Beaver and Harper counties located in the state’s panhandle. The wildfires have also killed six people.

The commissioners opened bids for the Bernice Fire and Rescue for the purchase of a self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA. Two bids were received, a $59,106 bid from Casco and $72,744 bid from Northern.

After the meeting, Commissioner Doug Smith (District 1) said the fire department would return next week to announce if they would accept or reject the bids.

A bid of $50,380 was rejected in a previous meeting.

In other financial matters, the commissioners approved transferring $15,000 from Flint Ridge Fire Department’s maintenance and operations account to the capital outlay account and transfer $1,000 from the maintenance and operations account to the travel account. Also approved was $4,000 from the Butler Fire Department capital outlay account to the maintenance and operations account.

The commissioners approved to forward to the district attorney’s office a condemnation case, State of Oklahoma vs. Barnesland Grove, L.L.C. and a foreclosure case, Grand Savings Bank vs. Michael K. Craig.

Also approved was the liability insurance and a current board member list for the Kansas Fire Department, Bernice Fire and Rescue and Hickory Grove Fire Department.

The Kansas Fire Department board members are: Jack Stonecipher, mayor; Sonya Ferguson and Ardell Porter, members; Cody Doyle, fire chief; Jason Martin, assistant fire chief; Barbara Barnes and Martin, requisitioning; Tony Hyso and Genia Yeager, receiving and Misty Martin and Lynford Beachy, inventory.

Board members for the Bernice Fire and Rescue are: Brad Campbell, mayor; Charlotte Johnson, Clinton Brewster, Steve Miller, Robert Geradts, trustees; Andy Andrews, fire chief; Chad Crouse, assistant fire chief; Theresa Boyd and Barnes, requisitioning; Andy Andrews and Crouse, receiving and Weston Andrews and Billy McClintock, inventory.

The Hickory Grove Fire Department board members are: Frankie Shepherd, president; Thomas Ponko, vice-president; Mary Kriesch, Secretary/Treasurer; Donald Poteet, member; Billy Moore, fire chief; Brandon Edwards, assistant fire chief; Moore and Barnes, requisitioning; Allen Yates and Shepherd, receiving and Shea Fenner and Edwards, inventory.

The commissioners also approved:

• To pay a $1,200 invoice from Craig County Regional Detention Center.

• To accept a bid of $20 from Ralph Younger for Lot 28, Flint Ridge RC Park 2.

• Procedures and policies change to the Delaware County Employees handbook regarding seeking treatment for workers compensation related incidents, proper employee exit and separation from employment and employee new hire process.

• To forward to the county’s insurance company a civil rights lawsuit filed by Heather Blackfox against Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore and jail administrator Chance Wynn and former employees Adiel Garcia and Shanna Stanley.

The next meeting is 9 a.m., Monday, March 20 at the Delaware County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Public Meeting room.