With more than 27 years of experience in the sporting goods industry, Rob Chubb always knew he would like to do something big in the Grove area.

That desire, as well as the chance to purchase the former Family Dollar store north of downtown Grove, has led to the launching of On Target: Guns, Bows and Range.

"I was tired of being little, and tired of being a little store because it was plenty full," Chubb said. "I wanted a facility to serve my customers.

The facility, which officially opened in early January, includes includes a multi-stalled gun range and an archery range, along with a line of hunting and fishing equipment.

"We built the entire interior from scratch," Chubb said. "The gun range was built by SRI, Shooting Range Industry. It's the number one ranked company in the world."

Chubb said he wanted to open the range for gun enthusiasts looking for a climate controlled place to shoot, adding that other than ranges in Tulsa and Springfield, Missouri, indoor range choices are limited in northeast Oklahoma.

"We have a lot of retired people and weekenders who like to come and shoot," Chubb said. "The range has six lanes, and people can shoot up to 25 yards.

"They can run the distance as far as they want."

Chubb built the range so that clients can shoot any caliber pistol or rifles up to 300 mag. It is also accessible for handicapped or wheelchair bound shooters.

People can use the range by either purchasing a membership to the facility, or by paying the daily walk-in rate of $18.

In addition to the shooting and archery ranges, the facility also includes "Chubby's Grill," a full-service snack bar/restaurant operated by Chubb's wife, Lori, and her friend Charity Smith.

The grill is designed to provide people who use the range on their lunch or supper breaks, with a place to eat while they play.

The business' name came through a family brainstorming session. Chubb said the family wanted to find something different, and thought On Target represented bo the guns and bows.

Bringing business to Grove

Chubb said the business brought in more than $42,000 in its first month of operation. He anticipates it will bring in more than $1 million in sales each year. The facility has seven full-time employees.

The 9,500 square foot facility includes the 24x80 six-lane bullet-proof range. Chubb said because the business is near a residential area, he invested in materials, including rubberized pool paint and acoustic foam, to make it "quieter than any other range."

"Most gun ranges are so loud, when the guns go off, people jump out here [in the store]," Chubb said. "It's unreal quiet."

Chubb said because of customer's immediate response, he anticipates opening an additional 12 lanes within the next year.

In addition to selling merchandise, Chubb offers a variety of classes including concealed carry and first aid.

"I hope people have a good experience from the knowledge of the employees," Chubb said. "We have one employee we call the encyclopedia, because he knows everything you can about guns."

More about the Chubbs

Rob and Lori Chubb owned and operated Tempy's Sporting Goods on Highway 59, for more than 27 years.

In August 2013, the business closed when the Oklahoma Department of Transportation settled with the family in regards to flooding in their business after the four-lane highway project was installed.

Tempy’s, like On Target, was been a family-owned business.

For more than 37 years, Chubb's parents Bob and Beatrice Chubb, operated Tempy's Furniture in the building until they retired. Later Lori and Rob Chubb expanded it to include sporting goods.

For the past three years, Chubb and his son, Tyler, have operated Legion Archery and RC Gun Shop in Grove.