1,200. 46,000, 12.237, 5.31.

Four numbers with significance as the finishing touches begin as construction of the new Performing Arts Center on the campus of Grove High School comes to an end.

Since April 2016, crews from Crossland Construction Company, based in Columbus, Kansas, have worked to complete the 1,200-seat, 46,000-square-foot-facility, which sits adjacent to Grove High School.

The structure, which was officially "topped" in November, is slated to be completed by May 31. Construction superintendent Anthony Brown said the project remains on task to come under the $12.237 million budget and without a safety issue to date. 

In the last week, crews could be observed painting the outside of the building - including the 70-foot rise which comprises of the stage, as well as putting the cabling in place for the building's lightning arrester system.

Crews were also doing drywall work within the practice rooms for both the band and choral programs, and painting the ceiling and walls of the auditorium.

Brown said the structure's process remains on time because workers have experienced few weather delays. 

"We are in all kinds of stages on the inside," Brown said. "From finishing the stage, to painting the ceiling. In a month to a month and a half, we'll be doing the floors. 

"On the exterior, we're working to finish [it], and working to complete the masonry work within the next month to six weeks."

By March, Brown said, district patrons should begin to see site work taking place outside of the structure, including the completion of curbs, guttering, sidewalks and asphalt for parking. 

"Our goal is to have the exterior work completed by the end of March," Brown said, adding that the district's maintenance staff has "bent over backwards" to help make the project easy to complete. 

At least 70 to 80 workers, from Crossland and its subcontractors, have remained on the site each day to complete the job. 

"The weather has been good, which is always a plus and we have a good design" Brown said. "Sometimes when you go into a project, there are all kinds of problems. We haven't had any. We've had a good design team with the architect and engineer."

At 70 feet, Dayna Boynton, architect, and others believe the structure is now the tallest building in Grove. Brown said at the tallest point, the building offers a view of the entire city. 

More about the PAC

Grove voters approved a 10-year bond issue in March 2015 to build the auditorium. The performing arts center, which will connect to the existing high school building at the band room, will also house a 5,100-square foot storm shelter.

The architect for the Performing Arts Center is Boynton Williams & Associates and the general contractor is Crossland Construction.